Exploring Jaipur’s Most Innovative Food and Beverage Industry Leaders

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Freshokartz is an agritech company founded by Chandrakanta and Rajendra Lora that aims to revolutionize the agriculture sector by integrating it with the internet. Their core mission is to support farmers through every step of the agriculture process, from picking crops based on soil data to incorporating new age farming practices like Drip Irrigations and Solar Farms. Freshokartz also adds value to the traditional supply chain while incorporating finance at every stage. This innovative approach not only supports farmers but also connects them with customers through a centralized platform.

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Gladful, founded by Manu Sharma and Parul Sharma, is an online protein foods brand focused on providing nutritional meals for kids and families. Gladful operates within the e-commerce, food and beverage, and nutrition industries. Through its online platform, Gladful offers a diverse range of protein-packed meals aimed at fostering healthy families.

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KhanaGadi, a mobile application-based food delivery service started by Amit Deep Kumar, Rakesh Gupta, and Sunil Kumar Awasthi, provides a unique and essential food delivery service for train passengers in India. With its robust operating procedures, it delivers high-quality, hygienic meals to passengers’ seats, providing them with a wide variety of meal choices across 105 Stations and in over 6000+ Trains.

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Agrofare, founded by Hemant Kumar, offers fresh fruits and vegetables delivery within a few hours of an order placement. Being the most efficient online Fruits and Vegetables delivery platform in Jaipur, Agrofare also assures the best possible prices and discounts for its loyal customers.

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The Nutribox

The Nutribox, founded by Amrita Sharma, is an online platform offering nutritious gluten-free and vegan snacks. The Nutribox prides itself on working with small, artisan suppliers who are passionate about their products.

You can learn more about The Nutribox on their LinkedIn account.

Bharat Eat

Bharat Eat, led by Lalit Chauhan and Nikhil Pal, is an online technology company in the business of food delivery, dine-in, and ride-hailing services. They connect customers and businesses across the nation, emphasising sustainability and creating new income opportunities for both restaurants and bike riders.

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Healthy Treat

Healthy Treat, started by Anish Kainya, is a food brand that offers high-quality roasted snacks with a healthy twist. Their innovative approach allows snackers to indulge guilt-free in their range of products.

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Founded by Animesh Gupta and Pramit Gupta, Oats’Up is a company committed to transforming oats into a super healthy and interesting treat. They offer oat milk beverages designed to provide a nutritious snack option that is anything but boring.

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WebDealSoft, an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company founded by Arun Kumar, is a technology company offering an array of services like web development, software development, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, and IT related solutions. They aim to innovate and provide a comprehensive assortment of technological solutions to their clientele.

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Dr. Gluten

Founded by Ribhu Tiwari, Dr. Gluten is a Gluten-Free and Vegan snack manufacturing company. They produce premium quality, gluten-free treats under the brand “Dr. Gluten”. Committed to manufacturing innovative and indulgent gluten-free products, they take great pride in their offerings.

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Supreme Gums

Lastly, Supreme Gums is a wholesaler and manufacturer of guar gum powder. They supply guar gum products for a diverse range of industries, including construction, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper, and food. They are established as a major supplier of guar gum for its use in the food sector, especially in ice-cream, dairy products, bakery, soups, gravies, and noodles.

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