Exploring London’s Dining Scene: Showcase of Noteworthy Restaurant Headquarters

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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The restaurant scene in London is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From small startups changing the way we order food, to larger companies revolutionizing how restaurants operate, the industry is ripe with innovation. This article features prominent companies in London that are making waves in the restaurant industry. These companies are using technology and fresh ideas to optimize everything from food delivery to the dining experience itself. Let’s take a closer look at these trailblazers.

No two people have the exact same nutritional needs or preferences which is a problem that Vita Mojo address. Founded by Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu, Vita Mojo creates personalized meals based on individual’s macros, calories, and portion sizes. The company is at the intersection of food and technology, creating meals that will cater to anyone, anytime.

Applying data-science to the restaurant industry is the main focus of Tenzo. Created by Adam Taylor and Christian Mouysset, Tenzo uses its expertise in data science to provide restaurants with data-driven insights. This unique approach helps restaurants make better decisions about everything from their food orders to staff scheduling.

Vita Mojo

Based in London, Vita Mojo uses information services, technology and internet to revolutionize individualized dining. The menu allows you to control your macros, calories, and quantities for a meal that is right for you, every time. Connect with them on LinkedIn here or follow their latest updates on Facebook and @vitamojo on Twitter.


Tenzo, a mobile app specifically designed for restaurants, was created to reduce reliance on gut feelings and instead put data behind critical operational decisions. With a world-class management team, Tenzo brings the best of data science and technology from Cambridge, Harvard, and McKinsey. Get connected with them on Facebook, @tenzoinc on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Yumpingo, an internet company founded by Andy Walker, Gary Goodman, and George Wetz in 2016, specializes in SaaS, customer engagement, and analytics platforms designed for the hospitality industry. Its platform helps restaurants gather real-time insights from their guests. Connect with them on Facebook, @yumpingo on Twitter and have a look at their LinkedIn for more substantial details.

Little Houses Group

The goal of the Little Houses Group is to create a network of community-led spaces devoted to improving lives through education, support, and recreation. Although they have chosen not to be on Twitter or Facebook, you can stay updated about their projects via their LinkedIn page.

Collectiv Food

Founded by Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, Collectiv Food aims to create a sustainable, fair, and transparent food supply chain. They’ve built the first digitised and automated food supply chain solution, dedicated to improving unit economics and providing greener logistics solutions to food businesses globally.

Neat Burger

Neat Burger is a food tech company aiming to disrupt the alternative protein space. They are not only targeting the consumer goods industry but also the restaurant industry. They’re creating a community through their restaurants and aiming to innovate in the space of alternative proteins.


Found by Jason Torres and JP Then, Slerp is an e-commerce platform catering to on-demand ordering. This platform allows brands to connect to last-mile couriers, control inventory, and customize the checkout process. Keep up with their latest services and advancements on LinkedIn.


Founded by David Abrahamovitch and Kaz James in Shoreditch in 2011, Grind now has espresso bars, restaurants, and recording studios all over London. As masters of coffee and hospitality, you can trace their developments via Facebook, @grind on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pasta Evangelists

Founded by Alessandro Savelli, Chris Rennoldson, Finn Lagun, and James McArthur, Pasta Evangelists delivers restaurant-quality pasta recipe boxes across the UK. They are bringing the authentic tastes of Italy to homes across the country. Follow them on Facebook, @pastaevangelist on Twitter, and LinkedIn for delicious ideas for your next pasta dish.


Founded by Chris Evans and Tom Weaver, Flypay is a food tech startup altering the way customers pay in hospitality settings. From ‘Pay at Table’ to ‘Order and Collect’, they’re putting convenience right at the customers’ fingertips. Connect with them on Facebook, @flypayuk on Twitter, and view their profile on LinkedIn.


Founded by Fryderyk Szydlowski, Nikolaus von Solodkoff, and Tsewang Wangkang, Embargo is a CRM platform that allows businesses to build customer relationships and provide personalized experiences through a next-generation CRM system. Although they don’t have a Facebook or Twitter presence, you can learn more about their innovative solutions on their LinkedIn page.

Each of these companies is pushing boundaries within the restaurant industry. Whether it’s through innovative tech, sustainable practices or a commitment to personalized service, these companies are helping to redefine what it means to run a restaurant in the modern age.

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