Exploring Notable Food and Beverage Giants Headquartered in Irvine, California

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Welcoming you back to our series that highlights outstanding companies in the Food and Beverage industry located in Irvine, California. This vibrant southern California city is home to an impressive roster of innovative food and beverage companies. From producing revolutionary water purification methods to creating whole food diets for our pets, these businesses are shaping the food industry's future.

Today we take a closer look at a selection of dynamic businesses that range from creating solutions to fight plastic pollution, to advanced technology innovations for agriculture, to brands making cooking fun for everyone. With products that respect the environment, offer healthier choices and cater to niche audiences, these companies are redefining and expanding the industry standards according to their distinctive vision and values.

Let's delve into each of these companies in turn, and understand in more detail what makes them special in their own right. Discover the groundbreaking businesses that are setting new standards in the Food and Beverage industry, all from right here in Irvine, California.


Founded by Lance Collins, ZenWTR is a company that goes above and beyond in its commitment to the environment. Their product, Zenwtr, is a vapor distilled alkaline water that is bottled in recyclable, ocean-bound plastic. With this initiative, ZenWTR is proactively reducing the amount of plastic polluting the world’s coastal environment. The company launched in 2019 and continues on its purpose-driven mission.


Another innovative company is JustFoodForDogs, started by founder Shawn Buckley. Their unique value proposition is in offering scientifically proven, whole food diets for dogs. These canine food products are cooked at minimum levels, ensuring quality yet affordable ingredients for our beloved pets.


At FarmTrace, founder Chris van den Berg leverages technology to offer a platform that digitizes and integrates relevant records from farms, even to the individual animal level. With such transparency and record keeping, the company assures more transparent, sustainable, and safer products at an unprecedented scale. It's a unique and much-needed solution in the Food and Beverage industry.


Offering high-tech solutions for various industries including Food and Beverage is Pegara. Founded by Nakatsuka Akihito and Shunsuke Ichihara, this innovative company uses proprietary computer vision technology to help achieve industry digital transformations and sustainable developmental goals. With diverse collaborations across the globe, Pegara brings leading-edge technologies to bear on solving complex issues.

Longève Brands

Developer of a line of shelf-stable, pea protein products for cooking enthusiasts, Longève Brands was founded by Douglas Kantner. Enabling people to cook with convenience and confidence, this company enriches the consumer goods market with the essential ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.


Fieldera is the brainchild of Sathya Seelan. The company provides a range of services from subscription management, e-commerce, fulfillment, delivery optimization to last-mile delivery solutions for food makers and grocery stores making it an integral part of the food distribution ecosystem.

True Drinks

In the evolving beverage market space is True Drinks. True Drinks’s range of natural, healthy beverages contains no artificial colors or flavors and is produced keeping consumer health and wellness at the forefront. Their commitment to improving the individual consumer’s health sets them apart in the market.

Power Crunch

Founded by Kevin Lawrence, Power Crunch is a business development enterprise in the food and beverage industry. Further information about their mission and products will be explored in future features.

The Habit Burger Grill

Offering a fresh take on foodservice, The Habit Burger Grill provides a delightful dining experience with its menu of made-to-order items chargrilled over an open flame. Further details about its innovative concept and offerings will be updated in future.


Fulfilling the growing trend for healthy and fast casual food are the founders of Pokeworks, Billy Chen, Michael Chen, Mike Wu and Peter Yang. A detailed feature about Pokeworks will be available in our subsequent articles.


Last but certainly not least, we have Yummi, a platform that desires to create a smarter, more connected food-centric platform. Founded by Pete Wong, Yummi enables food lovers to record, share, and discover daily food ideas, creating a social, engaging, and informative experience for its users.

From using technology to improve transparency in the food industry to championing the wellness movement, these companies are positively shaping the food landscape. Whether through innovative products or impactful initiatives, these businesses illustrate the diverse and exciting developments in the Food and Beverage industry originating from Irvine, California.

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