Exploring Toronto’s Culinary Scene: Spotlight on Top Restaurant Headquarters

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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The restaurant business has never been more competitive or technology-forward than it is today. Some of the leading companies operating in this space are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, making it one of the innovation hubs of industry. We have rounded-up eleven such companies that are making waves with their revolutionary ideas, technologies, and mouthwatering menu offerings.

They range from traditional fast-food joints to pioneers of the plant-based movement, providers of cutting-edge software solutions to forward-thinking businesses offering fresh culinary experiences. Their profound influence on the restaurant industry is undeniable and provides an interesting look into the future of dining and food management.

Let’s explore each of these companies, their origin, mission, services, and their impact on the industry.


Founded by Abdul-Rahman El-Sayed, Diego Dominguez, Jordan Huck, and Saif Altimimi, notch offers restaurants and distributors an all-in-one platform to simplify tasks like order management, invoice reconciliation, and payment processing. Once known as ChefHero, this company’s comprehensive back-end solution aims to streamline operations and boost growth by automating time-consuming manual tasks. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Odd Burger

James McInnes and Vasiliki McInnes are the founders of Odd Burger, a company devoted to making tasty food from minimally processed, plant-based ingredients. Through automation and large-scale production, Odd Burger (formerly Globally Local) provides people with low-cost access to healthy, plant-based foods. You can find more about their vision on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Chef’s Plate

Providing home cooks with regular deliveries of fresh ingredients and chef-inspired recipes, Chef’s Plate is an innovative online platform. Founded by Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer, it was launched in 2014 based on the idea that good food brings people together. You can track their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Just Eat Takeaway

Founded by Jitse Groen in 2000, Just Eat Takeaway has emerged as one of the leading online food delivery marketplaces. It connects consumers with a variety of food choices from over 31,000 restaurants across Continental Europe and Vietnam. More about the company can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Snappy Innovation

Frank Chen and Ricky Wang founded Snappy Innovation, a company that offers restaurant technology solutions aimed at managing every aspect of the diner’s experience. Launched in 2015, Snappy aims to automate simple tasks, improving service speed and enhancing customer experience.

Burger King

Few restaurants are as well known as Burger King, a fast-food chain established in 1954 by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns. Known globally for its hamburger offerings, Burger King maintains over 13,000 locations and serves more than 11 million customers daily worldwide. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Focusing on improving restaurant operations, TouchBistro offers an iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system. Founded by Alex Barrotti and Geordie Konrad, TouchBistro aims to increase efficiency and reduce errors in order taking and processing. You can read more about this tech-savvy company on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Kitchen Hub

Founded by Adam Armeland, Mat Abramsky and Oren Borovitch in 2019, Kitchen Hub is a virtual food hall that brings some of Toronto’s finest restaurants under one roof. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

General Assembly Pizza

Famous for its unique, fast, and casual pizza offerings, General Assembly Pizza is led by founder Ali Khan Lalani. They offer a unique dining experience and are worth knowing about. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Smooth Commerce

Founded by Brian Deck and David Yellowlees, Smooth Commerce offers a fully integrated technology platform designed to deepen connections between retail merchants and their customers. They strive to provide merchants with best-in-class, branded mobile apps that foster customer loyalty and engagement. Get to know more about Smooth Commerce on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

WISK Solutions

Founded by Ciprian Rarau, WISK Solutions provides the industry with highly accurate and precise solutions for inventory. Their goal is to reduce time spent counting inventory and compiling data. Check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

These are just some of the companies that make Toronto a vibrant hub of restaurant industry innovation. Utilizing creativity, technology, and a keen understanding of customer needs, they continue to generate customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and successful business growth.

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