Game-Winning Strategies To Drive Sports Bar Profits

March 14, 2023
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Game-Winning Strategies To Drive Sports Bar Profits

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One of the most unique elements of a sports bar is its ability to draw in a large group of people with one common goal—win the game. Everyone embraces delicious meals, thirst-quenching drinks, and an all-around good vibe regardless of who is cheering for what team. We’ll explore a few game-winning strategies to drive sports bar profits and enhance your guests’ experiences during the meal and game.

Lean Into Local Fandom

The locals that know and love your sports bar are going to play a significant role in your ability to gain traction and retain customers. Not only that, but these people are rooting for specific teams, often the home team. Lean into local fandom as much as possible to cater to this crowd and draw them in even more.

Consider naming drinks and weekly specials after popular players and mascots. Also, think about offering game-related discounts. For example, offer 20 percent off a dine-in meal of two or more entrees for every triple play for a specific team in an MLB game. Of course, you can edit the terms and conditions as they serve your business best.

Upgrade Your Audiovisual Set Up

Investing in high-quality audiovisuals can be challenging if your budget is a little snug. When customers visit your sports bar for their game or team, they expect great visual and sound quality. Consider the ideal setup of your video displays and ensure each screen caters to various seats.

You may need to sit in various positions to test the visibility of your primary screens and adjust accordingly. If you have a large projector screen, use it for the main game or event fans want to see so it’s highly visible from various seats.

Sponsor a Local Team

Speaking of locals, there are probably a few amateur leagues in your area, whether they’re little league baseball teams, club soccer leagues, or rookie footballers. Regardless of league, sponsoring a local team is a game-winning strategy to drive your sports bar’s profits.

When they wear your name on their jersey, they advertise your establishment. Other families and friends in the stands can see the name and may visit your sports bar. This also goes a long way toward getting involved with your local community.

Host Nightly Events

Your sports bar probably sees a lot of business on the weekend when everyone has more flexibility to be out and about. Increasing your weeknight attraction can compensate for any losses and improve overall profits and reputability.

Consider hosting nightly events or specials to attract specific crowds that may not visit your establishment otherwise. Specials to coincide with certain games, sports trivia nights, or guest appearances can attract people interested in these events and contribute to the weekly profit margins.

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