Kitchen Brush Alternatives – Eco Friendly Edition

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Brush Alternatives

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Its so easy to make small swaps in your home that help to support the environment – for example, swapping out your kitchen brush for one of these Eco-Friendly alternatives.

Full Circle Be Good Kitchen Dish Brush with Bamboo Handle

This product was recommended by D. Gilson from ExpertInsuranceReviews

Anything made from bamboo is uber stylish and eco-friendly, as bamboo is one of the most renewable product materials on earth. This brush also has a bright spot of green that makes me smile (even if I’m the one stuck doing the dishes).

Dish Brush with Bamboo Handle & Replaceable Head

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It must be included in the eco-friendly kitchen brush as it is made up of Bamboo, and recycled plastic. Its sleek shape makes the gripping easy. Moreover, it is not only eco friendly but also provides spark in the utensils because of having durable and firm bristles. It has a replaceable head, and the buyer could attach an absorbent sponge. It is beneficial in wiping away messes. You can place it beside the wall to let drying face up, dryness is the enemy of germs and so is this brush.

OXO Good Grips

This product was recommended by Sarah Mayfield from Romantific

It is the best product to clean pans, pots and other utensils. This brush is made up of nylon bristles that can easily remove dirt particles, food residue, and stains. The best thing about this product is that it can easily be used on non-stick surfaces. It is safe to use with a dishwasher. It comes with a warranty. You can easily replace or repair in case of any issue in the product.

Greener Cleaner

This product was recommended by Sarah Mayfield from Romantific

It is also termed as a one-dish brush. It is purely an Eco-friendly product as it is prepared by blending different types of wood pulp and Eco fleck. Both of these ingredients make this brush a high-performance brush. Ceramic, glass, pans, and pots can be easily cleaned by this brush. The small size brush on the top of this product is used to clean the dirt in hard-to-reach areas. It has reliable and perfect fibers that do cleaning though this brush is so easy and efficient.


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