Put the Environment First by Using one of these Kitchen Detergents

July 5, 2020
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Image by Melissa Wilt from Pixabay

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Its time to stop using products that are full of mysterious chemicals and switch to these environmentally responsible alternatives! A simple swap to one of the products below can leave you feeling much better about the products you are using in your kitchen.

Love Home and Planet Dish Detergent

This product was recommended by Tansy Rodgers from beU Complete

This delicious smelling detergent is gentle on the hands and is free of dyes and nasty chemicals. It is also gluten free. This product suds nicely and your dishes feel and look clean, leaving you feel relieved that you can quickly and effectively keep your kitchen sink tidy. Cruelty-free and placing focus on being environmentally friendly, this dish detergent leaves you feeling like you are doing your part to supporting a healthy world!

Ecover Natural Plant-Based Liquid Dish Soap

This product was recommended by John Bedford from Viva Flavor

The ingredients are all-natural but still very effective, and most of the products are available scent-free as well. I don’t know who decided everything has to smell like lemons to be considered clean!

Truman’s Dishwasher Bars

This product was recommended by Sarah Mowad from Segal Communications

The bars are actually brand new, they just launched this week! They are all completely dissolvable and ship out in recycled cardboard that can either be recycled or composted after use. To use, just pop a bar into the soap slot of your dishwasher and the antimicrobial technology works its magic without you having to do any additional scrubbing. All of the bars arenon-toxic, fragrance-free, and safe for people with sensitivities.

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