São Paulo’s Innovative Food Delivery Companies Revolutionizing Dining Experiences

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and a bustling metropolis, is home to a vibrant food delivery industry. Brazil’s food delivery giants have risen with the rapid growth of the foodtech industry, driven by burgeoning technological advancements and shifting consumer trends. This article shines a spotlight on the booming food delivery companies headquartered in São Paulo, fueling a culinary revolution in the digital age.

From grocery delivery services to online food marketplaces, these companies are playing a pivotal role in reshaping how consumers source their food. They are leveraging technology to streamline the food supply chain, making healthy and delicious food more accessible while minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. With a particular concentration on direct-to-consumer models, these São Paulo-based companies are driving the evolution of the food delivery industry in Brazil and, in many cases, beyond.

These companies are not only meeting a demand but also setting new standards in the food delivery industry as they embrace innovative business models, adopt sustainability practices, and revolutionize the way people purchase food. Let’s delve into these companies, explore their businesses, and understand their unique contributions to the food delivery sector.

Diferente ≠

Diferente ≠, also known as Mercado Diferente, is a mission-driven Brazilian foodtech founded by Eduardo Petrelli, Saulo Marti, Paulo Monçores, and Walter Rodrigues. Rescuing organic “imperfect” items and directly sending them to consumers, they offer up to 40% off traditional retail prices, making healthy foods accessible to all while combating food waste. This novel business model has attracted investment from industry leaders like Maya Capital and Collaborative Fund, among others. Stay updated about their work via their channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Liv Up

Liv Up, a direct-to-consumer food brand and online grocery store founded by Henrique Castellani, Marcelo Canovas, Raphael Straatmann, and Victor Santos, connects consumers with natural, tasty, and convenient foods. Using high-end tech and local sourcing, Liv Up delivers value for consumers across the biggest metropolitan areas in Brazil. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Shopper, founded by Bruna Vaz Negrão and Fábio Rodas Blanco, is a technology-driven startup offering a streamlined grocery replenishment system. Aiming for a more efficient world, Shopper’s mission is to simplify the buying process of essential products. They do this through their online platform for monthly sales and deliveries of grocery products. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Olga Ri

Founded by Bruno Sindicic and Cristina Sindicic, Olga Ri is a cloud kitchen digital restaurant offering delicious, healthy salads, and grain bowls to consumers in São Paulo. Through the power of technology and sustainable thinking, Olga Ri is helping shape the next generation of foodservice in Brazil. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Nana Delivery

Nana Delivery, co-founded by Gustavo Fino, Lucas Montez, Mariana Assis, and Rodrigo Vasconcelos Moreira, is an e-commerce and delivery app revolutionizing grocery shopping by offering delivery in just a few minutes. The company operates a network of closed stores to store products close to consumers, ensuring a quick and efficient delivery service. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks.


Eatopia aims to be the leading owner and operator of restaurant brands in Latin America. The company develops and operates various food brands, delivering exquisite dining experiences through highly efficient, tech-enabled multi-brand HUBs in Brazil. Stay updated with the company through its LinkedIn network.


AppJusto, co-founded by Pedro Andrade Brito and Rogério (Aquino) Nogueira, is an open-source platform for food ordering and delivery. It aims to foster more equitable interactions within the delivery ecosystem, democratizing food delivery. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

LET’S Delivery

LET’S Delivery, founded by André Mortari, is a technology company combining artificial intelligence with management techniques to deliver complete solutions for restaurant management. Their restaurant management software, Max, assists businesses in improving their operations and provides management recommendations. Follow their LinkedIn profile for updates.


Piik.App, founded by Daniel Guzzo Perez, Esteban Saez, Felipe Antonio Font Fernandez, and Maximo Barreiro, supports Chefs and Restaurants in Latin America by integrating online orders with a logistics network. It aims to create a fair partnership where chefs, drivers, and consumers all benefit. Find out more about them on their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Best Berry

Best Berry, founded by Alberto Takashi Sasaki and Roberto Lifschitz, provides customizable snack boxes, delivered monthly to doorstep. The company offers a wide range of snacks to cater to various taste buds. Stay connected with them through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Dori Alimentos

Dori Alimentos is a leading manufacturer and exporter of jellies, candies, peanuts, and confectioneries in Brazil and internationally. Operating since 1967, Dori has been a mainstay in the food and beverage industry, with a strong presence in countries like the United States, Canada, Argentina, Angola, and Uruguay. Connect with Dori Alimentos through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

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