Spotlight on Chicago’s Influential Food and Beverage Industry Leaders

January 30, 2024
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Food is an essential staple in all societies, a unifying force that brings people together in countless ways. In the bustling city of Chicago, food culture is not just an integral part of its heritage, but it’s also driving innovation in the industry. The city is home to a plethora of companies revolutionizing the food and beverage landscape through technological advancements, e-commerce platforms, meal delivery services, and more.

These companies offer innovative solutions designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Whether it’s preparing a gourmet meal effortlessly, or delivering fresh and nutritious food right to your doorstep, these companies are at the forefront of change. Now let’s take a closer look at these Chicago-based companies which are stirring up the Food and Beverage industry.

Our list features companies headquartered in Chicago, offering a unique snapshot into the city’s food and beverage industry’s innovative landscape. We delve into their history, what they do, and how they’re shaping our food experiences.


Founded in 2015 by Bryan Wilcox and David Rabie, Tovala is revolutionizing dinner preparation by combining a smart oven with a fresh meal delivery service. This innovative system involves the use of a countertop steam oven equipped with internet connectivity and multiple cooking capabilities. Its pairing with meals prepared by gourmet chefs makes dinner as simple as scanning a barcode, providing busy individuals access to delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals without the hassle. Connect with Tovala on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Provi, the largest online marketplace for wholesale alcohol, was founded in 2016 by Taylor Katzman. It simplifies the complex process of ordering alcohol by connecting buyers, distributors, and suppliers. With its robust online marketplace, Provi is enhancing communication and efficiency for on- and off-premise buyers, distributors, as well as suppliers. You can find Provi on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Established by Brian Duncan, Justin McNally, and Sterling Douglass, Chowly offers innovative tech solutions that bridge the gap between restaurants’ point of sale (POS) systems and third-party online ordering systems. The company provides affordable technology-based solutions that lower staffing costs, increase revenue, and reduce errors in the restaurant industry. Get to know Chowly through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Farmer’s Fridge

Frustrated by the lack of healthy, affordable options available on the road, founder Luke Saunders established Farmer’s Fridge in 2013. The company provides an automated smart fridge that serves salads, bowls, snacks, and more. Its mission is to make it simple for everyone to eat well by offering chef-curated meals that are easily accessible. You can connect with Farmer’s Fridge on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

S2G Ventures

Made up by the formidable team of Chuck Templeton, Sanjeev Krishnan, and Victor Friedberg, S2G Ventures is a multi-stage food and agriculture venture fund investing in entrepreneurs whose products and services align with the shifting demands for healthy and sustainable food. Connect with S2G Ventures on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Chris Ritter, Ishan Daya, Jimmy Paul, and Nathan Rosenstock, Crafty helps offices create better workplaces with food, beverage, events, and alcohol management. From snacks and beverages to hosting happy hour events, Crafty’s offerings are designed to enhance office culture. Connect with Crafty on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Bartesian, founded by Bryan Fedorak and Ryan Close, offers a unique cocktail experience at home. Using a capsule-based machine that creates custom drinks, Bartesian clubs premium cocktail experiences with the comfort of your home. Bartesian’s social profiles are available on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

MUSH Foods

Founded in 2017 by Katherine Thomas and Ashley Thompson, MUSH Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-eat oats. The company offers convenient, healthy, and tasty oatmeal options for the modern consumer.


Providing office lunch services, Fooda, founded by Orazio Buzza, partners with companies to offer unique restaurant-based meal services so employees can enjoy authentic cuisines at work. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more updates.

Home Chef

Founded by Bryon Finke and Pat Vihtelic, Home Chef offers subscription-based meal kit delivery services providing pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to its users for easy home-cooked meals. For more information, you can follow Home Chef on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Potbelly Sandwich Works

With more than 270 locations around the country, Potbelly Sandwich Works, founded by Peter Hastings, is focused on providing a neighborhood-like feel to their shops where people can enjoy food. Follow Potbelly Sandwich Works on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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