Spotlight on Springfield: Missouri’s Pioneers in Food and Beverage Industry

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Springfield, Missouri is not just the birthplace of Route 66, it’s also home to a vibrant food and beverage industry. This thriving Mid-Western metropolis steeped in Ozarks culture is home to a diverse collection of culinary businesses, each bringing distinct flavors and innovative products to the food landscape. From dairy giants and pizza pioneers to beverage distributors and fresh produce providers, the Springfield food scene caters to an array of tastes and dietary preferences.

Featuring a rich tapestry of companies operating in various sectors of the food and beverage industry, Springfield provides access to fresh, quality products and delectable dining experiences that showcase the area’s unique culinary identity. Here’s a closer look at these Springfield-based businesses making a significant impact in the food and beverage sector.

Each of these businesses contributes to Springfield’s gastronomic identity, offering diverse culinary experiences and products that provide a true taste of the vibrant flavors and unique culture of the region. Let’s delve into the histories and offerings of these remarkable companies that call Springfield, Missouri their home.

Hiland Dairy

Hiland Dairy is rooted in wholesome dairy goodness and is recognized for quality dairy products spanning over 80 years. Not only is it dedicated to producing high-quality dairy products but also maintaining its commitment to its customers and communities.



Bellacino’s is an acclaimed pizzeria and grinders joint rooted in the mission of delivering excellent food quality, superior service, and clean restaurants. Founded in Michigan, they’ve fast expanded and enjoyed success in various states including Missouri.


Colton’s Steak House

Colton’s Steak House is a beloved steakhouse chain, popular for its mouth-watering steaks, yeast rolls, and peanuts served in a comfortable, Western-themed atmosphere.


Market Fresh Produce

As a supplier of branded produce, Market Fresh Produce is committed to delivering the freshest, high-quality fruits and vegetables to retailers nationally. Its extensive network ensures a consistent supply of premium produce all year round.


American Dehydrated Foods, Inc.

As a leading developer of poultry-based products, American Dehydrated Foods, Inc. has been driving health, happiness, and balance in pets among pet food producers since 1982. ADF is known for its commitment to innovation, integrity, and quality.

International Dehydrated Foods, Inc.

Renowned industry-wide for their sustainable practices in poultry processing, International Dehydrated Foods, Inc. endeavors to provide protein solutions that improve every bite for people around the globe.

Food IQ

Food IQ works to create new opportunities within the food and beverage industry. As both innovators and collaborators, they are on a mission to move the food industry forward using their experience, insight, and culinary IQ.


Ozarks Coca-Cola

Ozarks Coca-Cola has a rich history dating back to 1920. They not only distribute some of the world’s biggest beverage brands but are also passionate about giving back to the community they serve.


Date Lady

Date Lady passionately provides consumers with organic dates and date products. They believe in pure ingredients and adhere to responsible sourcing. With their offerings, they make having a sweet treat possible for health-conscious consumers.


Andy B’s

Andy B’s is not just a bowling alley, it’s a place where fun meets delicious food. They offer snacks and beverages that complement the interactive entertainment provided in the center. This place is about having a good time and making memories.


Wil Fischer Companies

Wil Fischer Companies, a leading beverage distributor, actively collaborates with retailers, restaurants, and bars to provide complete beverage solutions. Leveraging extensive knowledge and relationships, they strive to deliver top quality service.


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