The 3 Best Health Benefits of Green Tea

June 17, 2020
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The 3 Best Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Taking that first step towards maintaining a healthy diet takes a lot of dedication. Even with so many healthy food options on the market, figuring out where to start can be tough. One way to improve your overall health is with the help of green tea, which delivers a high number of healthy antioxidants while providing you with a unique aroma and flavor pairing. If you’re interested in learning more about this delicious, healthy beverage, then educate yourself with this guide to the three best health benefits of green tea.

May Prevent Cancer

Green tea contains a very important ingredient: polyphenol, which can defend your body from cancer. In particular, green tea is rich in a type of polyphenol called catechins, one of which is EGCG. Studies show that this catechin might improve your body’s defense against cell damage. In fact, EGCG is widely seen as one of the most beneficial ingredients in green tea.

Can Prevent Heart Disease

Due to its ability to improve overall blood flow, green tea is the perfect drink for anyone looking to improve their heart health. Drinking green tea also fights bad cholesterol levels. By lowering bad cholesterol levels, green tea can prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. However, be wary of the fact that many green teas have moderate amounts of caffeine. Take this into consideration if you want to implement green tea into your daily diet. 

Can Improve Weight Loss

The catechins we mentioned above also play key roles in green tea’s weight loss abilities. The catechins as well as the caffeine in green tea boost your body’s metabolism. The catechins break down fat, while both the catechins and the caffeine work in tandem to provide your body with the energy it requires. By doing this, it can have a positive effect on your weight loss and weight management abilities.

Now that you understand the three best health benefits of green tea, you can finally determine if this drink will provide what you want to add to your daily diet. If so, you can easily find a variety of herbal green teas online that can provide you with a wide range of unique flavors and aromas. Once you try your first cup of tea, you’ll understand why it’s been such a beloved drink for many, many generations.

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