The Benefits of Cooking Foods From Different Cultures

February 9, 2022
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The Benefits of Cooking Foods From Different Cultures

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Food diversity is more active now than ever. Foodies, bloggers, and content creators are actively pursuing new, unique eats to take a bite of and to try their hands at making. But not everyone is so keen to attempt new things. Here are the benefits of cooking foods from different cultures.

Food Connects Us

Food goes hand in hand with some people’s identities. Whether it’s a homemade tamale or pierogi, everyone has a comfort food to fall back on. Actively seeking out and enjoying the foods of another culture engrosses you in the culture and encourages new experiences with different people. Sharing those moments creates lasting memories and potentially new friends for future culinary adventures. Learning the recipes of someone’s family is a good idea when you want to get involved with their specific lifestyle and customs.

Ingredients Inspire Us

By eating food from only one culture, you limit yourself to ingredients you’re already familiar with. Indian curry predominantly features garam masala, complemented by assorted mixes of turmeric, garlic, ginger, and more. Though the ingredients are plentiful and unique, only appreciating this single delicacy denies you the chance of enjoying something such as Taiwanese fried chicken, which relies heavily on a mixture of star anise, fennel seeds, Szechuan peppercorns, whole cloves, and cinnamon.

The variety of ingredients around the world is wide, and the combinations each culture utilizes are endless. Each mixture is an additional thing to keep in mind when you’re making new recipes from scratch.

Business Benefits

When it comes to workplace relationships, you’ll naturally encounter people of differing origins. Being familiar with their cultures’ cuisines and having the ability to cook it yourself will invoke a sense of camaraderie and surprise. Knowledgeable use of cultural cuisine makes a statement to people you’re trying to impress and shows you’re invested in them and what they stand for.

When your goal is to provide something for everyone, the ingredients don’t necessarily have to be exotic. Simple elements such as grains and honey are among the best foods to buy in bulk if you’re focusing on Turkish pastries. At the same time, pomegranate seeds and chopped pistachios are key elements to making a Lebanese rosewater rice pudding.

Become a Worldly Traveler

Food and its origin don’t necessarily stop at the restaurant. The more you engage with a specific culture’s food by cooking and eating it yourself, the higher the chances of becoming curious about where it came from. The desire to engage in that culture then arises. Visiting other countries on a food tour is a popular choice that will allow you to explore and enjoy. By learning the recipes and stories that go with unfamiliar meals, you’ll see for yourself the benefits of cooking foods from different cultures.

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