The Most Instagrammable Cuisine Across the Globe

October 9, 2020
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  • The country that has the most Instagrammable cuisine is Brazil, with a total of 9,290,671 hashtags – the most Instagrammable dish being Brigadeiro with 5,785,701 hashtags
  • Crowned runner up is Argentina, with a total of 5,778,034 hashtags on Instagram and the most Instagrammable cuisine is Asados, racking up 2,113,589 tags 
  • At the bottom of the list is Ireland, with 54,433 total hashtags and Romania with a total of 38,013 hashtags

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food” and boy, was he right. It seems wherever you are in the world, something that unites us all is our universal love of food.

This inspired the foodie experts at JackAndBeyond.comto to explore traditional food and cuisines across the globe to see which country was the most Instagrammable! 

To do this, surveyed 3,317 participants worldwide to see which countries claim to be the biggest foodies by asking respondents to suggest their favourite dish. Using the top 5 dishes for each of the chosen 25 countries, then searched for Instagram hashtags and totalled them. *

The Results

The study shows that the country that has the most Instagrammable cuisine is Brazil, with a total of 9,290,671 Instagram hashtags (and counting).

Brazil’s most Instagrammable dish, with 5,785,701 tags, is the Brigadeiro, a traditional Brazilian dessert consisting of condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate sprinkles. 

Other Instagrammable dishes in Brazil include Picanha with 1,098,797 hashtags and Feijoada with 1,079,535 hashtags. 

Crowned runner up is Argentina, with a total of 5,778,034 hashtags. Argentina’s most Instagrammable cuisine is Asados, racking up 2,113,589 tags. 

Other popular and Instagrammable dishes include Empanadas with 1,815,528 hashtags and Dulce De Leche with 1,566,381 hashtags. 

Following closely behind, with a total of 5,575,460 hashtags, and in third place, is Spain. The most Instagrammable Spanish meal was found to be the iconic Paella dish, with 2,689,387 hashtags. 

Other dishes included in the top 5 are Churros with 2,324,841 hashtags and Gazpacho with 266,224 hashtags. 

In fourth place is the king of quirky cuisine, Japan, with a total of 4,488,854 hashtags.  The most Instagrammable cuisine in Japan being Udon, with 1,384,282 hashtags. 

England lands in fifth place, with a total of 4,149,641 Instagram hashtags, and it’s perhaps no surprise that the most Instagrammable dish in Blighty is the classic Fish and Chips with 1,537,903 hashtags. 

Towards the bottom of the list, in 24th place, is Ireland with 54,433 hashtags. Ireland’s most Instagrammable cuisine is Irish stew, with 27,458 hashtags. 

At the bottom of the list is Romania, with a total of 38,013 hashtags. Romania’s most Instagrammable cuisine is the Papanasi. 

CountryDish 1Dish 2Dish 3Dish 4Dish 5TOTAL
BrazilPicanhaBrigadeiroCoxinhaPao De QueijoFeijoada9,290,671

ArgentinaLocroEmpanadasChoripanDulce De LecheAsado (and Parrillas)5,778,034



EnglandSunday RoastFish and ChipsBangers and MashFull English (Breakfast)Scones4,149,641


Brazilian resident, Isabela, 26, said: 

“The connection between Brazilians and food is very emotional, it’s more about the experience of getting together with friends and family to share meals every day, usually at lunch – even during busy weeks! 

Brigadeiro is a traditional sweet that you find on any festive event, but it’s popular for being our ‘comfort food’ on every occasion, from happy moments like weddings to cheer you up after a breakup.”

Romanian resident, Claudia, 22, said: 

“Romanians love food. From a million types of soup to delicious stews, every meal is a feast. That being said, we are usually too busy enjoying our meals and the company around us to actually care about posting on social media. 

Living in the moment is more important than getting a few likes. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy seeing food inspiration on Instagram, but we prefer being the ones enjoying our food warm.”

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