Tips for Cooking the Best Seafood Like a Professional

November 5, 2021
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Tips for Cooking the Best Seafood Like a Professional

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Despite how simple and delicious well-cooked seafood can be when prepared properly, the idea of making it can often scare off new chefs. While good seafood can be very delicate, it actually isn’t all that difficult to prepare. On the other hand, perfecting it is another issue. There’s a lot of minutiae involved with creating truly excellent seafood. We have a few tips for cooking the best seafood like a professional to help you improve your seafood game and show off your skills.

Buy Local and Start Right

All the fancy techniques for cooking seafood in the world won’t help you if you start with bad ingredients. Perhaps the most important tip for cooking better seafood like a professional is to source good seafood from a local market or supplier whenever possible. Local fresh seafood will start you off on the right foot when you begin cooking.

Use Your Parchment Paper

If you plan on making a fish fillet, parchment paper can be your best friend. Wrapping your fillet in parchment paper helps trap moisture. It also helps steam the fillet inside it, which keeps your fish from drying out on you. Not all professional chefs in the world use parchment paper, but you can certainly improve your seafood game with it.

Know What Tools To Use

Regularly cooking seafood may mean you want to invest in some new tools to help you improve the process and results. Whether that means buying a quality boning knife or a massive pot for a huge crawfish boil is up to you, but high-quality tools can make any job simpler. A fish basket can help keep your fish together on the grill, wooden planks can infuse all new flavors into your fish, and special spatulas for fish can help keep everything together.

Remove Excess Moisture Before Cooking

It’s a common rookie mistake when cooking seafood to thaw out the food but not remove the excess moisture before you start to cook it. Cooking seafood with all that extra moisture on it can mess with your cooking times and your temperatures. A quick pat down with a few paper towels before you start can make a world of difference when you’re trying to improve your ability to make great seafood.

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