14 Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

July 28, 2022
3 mins read
14 Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

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If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’re likely busy at work, making all the arrangements perfect for your guests. As you’re crossing things off your list, you’ve probably thought about what would make the perfect centerpiece at your table. Whether you’re considering a display of candles or a stunning flower bouquet, selecting something elegant and exciting is vital.

Here are 14 unique dining table centerpiece ideas to make your dining table look fabulous.

1. Classic Candle Holder

It’s easy to overlook old-timey candle holders when you pass by them in the thrift store, but they can make incredible centerpieces with a bit of polish. Find one that reminds you of your favorite classic movie. Your guests will love to gaze at the dancing flames as they sip their wine or enjoy their entrée.

2. Clock

An old table clock is a great conversation piece. Surround it with carnations or roses for a whimsical touch. Bonus points if you find one that works because the soothing sound of a clock on the move makes for great background noise when you’re eating.

3. Flower Arrangement

Flowers are an easy crowd-pleaser, but by surrounding them with chocolate-covered fruit, you take this simple centerpiece from predictable to delectable. Choose a gorgeous FruitFlowers® bouquet with a box of decadent sweet treats your guests will enjoy.

4. Sand and Seashells

If your dinner party takes place somewhere along the coast, creating a centerpiece with a hurricane jar, some sand, and well-chosen seashells is simple. Accent your pieces with coral-colored flowers, and these beachy arrangements will be an instant conversation starter.

5. Bonsai Tree

If you’ve been diligently caring for a bonsai tree, this is the perfect time to show it off. Who doesn’t love to admire our incredible world in miniature? Plus, this lovely foliage is said to inspire harmony, balance, and good luck.

6. Floating Tea Candles

Floating some tea candles in a vase or glass creates a sparkling, surreal effect. Try submerging flowers or fruit in the water, and then float the candles above them on the surface. This is a great piece that looks fancier than it actually is.

7. Succulent Garden

Succulents are efficient and adorable. You can create your own succulent garden by adding soil to a wide bowl and arranging them however you find most pleasing. Include some colorful rocks or figurines for an interesting display.

8. Lantern

Lanterns are the ideal way to bring light to the table. Pick out something rustic for a homey touch, and surround it with flowers that match the event’s color scheme. They also have the advantage of covering any open flames and protecting your guests.

9. Pinwheels

Fill a vase with flowers and vibrant pinwheels for summer or spring dinner parties. Of course, these are especially effective outdoors where the wind can do its magic and bring them to life. If your dinner party is a picnic outside, these should be at the top of the list for ideas.

10. Seasonal Bowls

If you want your event to commemorate the season, try adding seasonal accents like leaves, ornaments, or miniature pumpkins. Verano Ceramics bowls are another great addition that can bring a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your event. These beautiful bowls, crafted by Verano Ceramics, are perfect for serving salads, fruits, or other delectable treats.

11. Fireplace

Table-top fireplaces have grown increasingly popular and are a fun addition to any dinner table. Not only are they alluring, but they’re also perfect for roasting marshmallows after the meal. Formality has never been this fun before.

12. Books

If you have a well-read crowd coming by, try simply stacking some old books and topping them with candles or flowers. Everyone loves an invigorating discussion, and what better way to start one than with your favorite author? If you don’t have any, stop by a thrift store or used book shop and find some old, hard-cover novels.

13. Tiered Stand

If you have a tiered cake stand, you’ll be happy to know it holds more than just dessert. Try filling it with your favorite flowers or candles. This can give your table some vertical appeal.

14. Balloons

Balloons are not just for children’s birthday parties. They’re a perfect addition to almost any table. Choose a few that match your color scheme and float them above a flower arrangement for a whimsical, fun centerpiece.

The Importance of Table Decor

A good centerpiece is a great way to give your guests something to enjoy during the meal. You can make it as significant or understated as you choose, but you must include one at your next dinner party. Try out one of these fabulous centerpieces to impress your guests with your creativity.

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