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July 28, 2022
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Oven Cleaner For Grease. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

This product was recommended by Clare Ivatt from Kitchen TimeSavers

I think that sometimes the old ways are the best, and when it comes to removing grease from your oven, this really is true. Make a simple paste made from baking soda and white vinegar using half a cup of baking soda and just enough vinegar to make it into a smooth paste this mixture also works great for carpet stains. Spread the paste onto the greasy bits of your oven and leave for about an hour. Wipe off with a fairly damp cloth – the grime and grease will come off with the dried paste.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This product was recommended by Anna Silver from CookForFolks

I love the simplicity of this oven cleaner! All you have to do is add water to the sponge and the tough cleaning substance will be activated, ready to get rid of all of those stubborn stains. I have found that it is very effective at removing grease, which is difficult to get from most oven cleaners.

Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

This product was recommended by Emilia Flores from UKBadCreditLoans

I recommend this product for a balance of cleaning power and value. The fume-free option is safe for gas, electric, and self-cleaning ovens and leaves behind a fresh lemon scent after each use. One of the best parts about the cleaner is that it’s easy to use. All you have to do is spray it into your oven and close the door—you don’t even need to wear gloves. It’ll take a little over one hour for the cleaner to work, so be sure to set aside enough time. Once it’s complete, however, you’ll be able to wipe away the dirt with ease.

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

This product was recommended by Fanny Surjana from Quenchlist

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner is the best oven cleaner for grease, which has a non-abrasive composition that removes even the most tenacious baked-on stains and spills. In addition, this oven cleaner includes a pleasant standard scent that allows you to clean your oven without being overwhelmed by harsh odors.

The Pink Stuff – The Miracle

This product was recommended by Jessica Samson from Maids

The best oven cleaner for grease is easily The Pink Stuff. The Pink Stuff is a paste that is great for removing grease from inside of the oven. It is a mildly abrasive cleaner and it specializes in removing heavy duty dirt, grease, and grime buildup with little effort. It’s toothpaste like consistency makes it great for cleaning vertical surfaces such as the sides of the oven. It’s easy to use and fast acting and can help you remove the grease from your oven with little effort on your part. I can’t recommend the Pink Stuff enough!

Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner

This product was recommended by Becky Usanga from Techy10

Spray stains with Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner and in three to five minutes, wipe grease away with a wet cloth or sponge. The fast-working foam is citrus-based to cut through greasy build-up, even in a cold oven. For tough, baked-on food spills, allow it to set for 30 to 60 minutes. Dissolves grease in three to five minutes Works in a cold oven. Should be used in a well-ventilated area.

AVO 1 Gallon (128 oz) Pure Natural Distilled White Vinegar

This product was recommended by Beth McCallum from Oh So Spotless

If you’re into chemical-free cleaning, distilled white vinegar will do the trick. The acid in the vinegar makes it a practical and non-toxic cleaner. To use, heat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water into an oven-safe dish. Put the dish into the oven and leave for 20-60 minutes, depending on how dirty your oven is. Turn off the oven and leave it cool down. Then wipe the oven with a scrubby sponge or plastic spatula tool to remove the loosened grease and grime.

Bar Keepers Friend Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleaner Premixed Formula

This product was recommended by Laura Ritterman from Recipe Fairy

Bar Keepers Friend is the best all use cleaner that is perfect for getting rid of oven grease. It is meant for tough stains and residue, and will make your oven shine like new. The cream formula is also very soft and easy to use, and is not messy like many other types of grease cleaner. Because it can be used on so many surfaces, it is perfect for the entire oven including the glass, stove top and the racks inside. To get the most out of this product, leave it on the oven grease for at least five minutes before wiping it away. It instantly lifts the grease and will come away clean with one wipe. This cleaner is a must for anyone who uses their oven frequently, and will negate the need for multiple cleaners in your home.

Easy-Off Professional Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

You’ll probably require a professional-level oven cleaner if your oven has been coated with years of grime. Easy-heavy-duty Off’s oven and grill cleaner are among the best oven cleaners for baked-on debris. This one is suited for commercial use, as it contains its strongest formula. To avoid chemical burns, it’s also a good idea to wipe them away with gloves. It’s also worth noting that it’s not suitable for self-cleaning ovens.

Member’s Mark Oven, Grill, and Fryer Cleaner

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

An excellent oven cleaner does not have to be expensive. This low-cost Member’s Mark Oven, Grill, and Fryer Cleaner come with three 32-ounce bottles and one spray-foam trigger that works on all three bottles for maximum grease-cutting power. This restaurant-quality oven and grill cleaner work on hot surfaces, so there’s no need to wait for the oven to cool before spraying mistakes that bubbled over while baking.

Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Spray

This product was recommended by Stella Cooper from PaydayLoansUK

The Easy fume-free oven cleaner is a great pick for easy professional oven cleaning. It effectively removes tough oven grease, food spillage, oil and dust in 30 seconds, while no gloves are required, even for the toughest stains. This oven is safe, reasonable, and can be used for everyday cleaning. Its advanced fume-free formula gives a refreshing lemon scent after every use. This multipurpose oven cleaner can be used for cleaning broilers, pans, oven plates, doors, oven, and steel surfaces.

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

This product was recommended by Max Shak from Abtron

Clean your home efficiently and affordably with Simple Green’s All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. A 24-ounce bottle does not only clean grease from ovens, but also soap scum, coffee stains, ink, lipstick, and ink stains.

Method Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser

This product was recommended by Max Shak from Abtron

You can utilize the Method Heavy Duty Degreaser to clean your oven without parabens, dyes, or aluminum. With its plant-based formula, the lemongrass cleaner can clean grease, oil, burnt stains, and splatters.

Kona Safe/Clean Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray

This product was recommended by Max Shak from Abtron

Using Kona Safe/Clean grill cleaner, you can watch grease dissolve. This revolutionary spray cleaner clings to the surface rather than dripping away from it to penetrate tough grease & char stains. Eliminates stubborn dirt, grease and food particles from surfaces.

Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

This product was recommended by Ellie Walters from FindPeopleFaster

Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner is a perfect solution for all your tough cleaning needs. This cleaner can cut through tough baked stains and food spills. It is perfect for keeping your ovens, barbecue grills, broilers and stainless steel surfaces neat and clean. Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner is free from all types of harmful fumes and does not harm your body. The lemon scent of the cleaner keeps the surface smelling good for long. You can sit and relax after spraying the cleaner. All you have to do is to wipe off stubborn stains in minutes. Now say goodbye to excessive rubbing and scraping.

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