18 Foodie Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

Food lovers everywhere will love these food obsessed Instagrams

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Food inspiration and Instagram go hand in hand with these creative accounts. Covering everything from irresistible food porn to local eateries to inspiring recipes, food lovers will want to click follow on every single one of these accounts.

#1 freshcravingsalsa

The freshcravingsalsa travel product recommended by Charlie Patel on Toast Fried.

The images are truly fresh and inspiring without being salesy which is exactly how Instagram is best leveraged.

#2 chefstuartokeeffe

The chefstuartokeeffe travel product recommended by Charlie Patel on Toast Fried.

Whereas most food accounts just showcase plates of food, the Chef demonstrates the many aspects of work and personal life while offering recipes and dishes that appeal to everyone.

#3 belsizecakes

The belsizecakes travel product recommended by Charlie Patel on Toast Fried.

Who doesn’t love cake? But couple that with art and you’ve got amazing photo-worthy desserts that’ll sugar coat your taste buds.

#4 drshica

The drshica travel product recommended by Tracy Lamourie on Toast Fried.

People who love food and images of amazing delicious desserts will want to know about the instagram for Dr Shica’s Flavor Mixes!

#5 ch.landeros

The ch.landeros travel product recommended by Christian Landeros on Toast Fried.

This Mexico City food/restaurant influencer looks to showcase a more democratic approach to the food scene in this thriving gastronomic capital. He would post high-end restaurants but above will work on getting to the lesser known gems of diffrent foods in the city with representatives of those restaurants (chef, manager, etc) as the presenters.

#6 DuvergerMacarons

The DuvergerMacarons travel product recommended by Christina Towle on Toast Fried.

Tempt sweet taste-buds with this fun, flavorful, and colorful Instagram Account. Learn tidbits of French, French History, and Food Facts. Also, since Duverger Macarons are Certified Organic and Gluten-Free, one doesn’t have to feel guilty about indulging in these delightful confections that shine brightly on social media.

#7 junkfoodkids

The junkfoodkids travel product recommended by Ashley Nunez on Toast Fried.

Ben Friedenberg @junkfoodkids on Instagram is a food blogger that is also a Type one diabetic, a cookbook author who has carb counts and protein counts these not only help type 1 diabetic, also people doing keto. Her cookbooks and recipes are written for everyone with a variety of eating styles. She also does events that benefit JDRF. Her upcoming book signing with Lilly Pulitzer is a JDRF fundraiser as well.

#8 kiwiimporter

The kiwiimporter travel product recommended by Sarah Ayala on Toast Fried.

This IG brings the best of natural New Zealand food to the USA and they’ve got a beautiful account for foodies to enjoy.

#9 BomboBar

The BomboBar travel product recommended by Cara Zizzo on Toast Fried.

An obsession beyond a cupcake replacement, BomboBar’s social media is exposing Chicago food fanatics to another food account to follow; @BomboBar. Today, everyone wants an immediate fix and are striving to find new ways and new accounts to follow to achieve instant gratification. A platform many people turn to for this is the social media giant, Instagram.

#10 darbyhlx

The darbyhlx travel product recommended by Heather Lynn Darby on Toast Fried.

Coach Heather shares behind the scenes snaps of what’s on the table for a vegetarian home cook. You’ll find simple and delicious whole foods inspiration for everyday eating, and conversations about lifestyle habits that stimulate the Rest and Digest response. #xlntnutrition

#11 hopculturemag

The hopculturemag travel product recommended by Sally Evans on Toast Fried.

Hop Culture’s craft beer content is so aesthetically pleasing and fun to follow. They have fun giveaways, awesome collab glasses, and a unique style of showcasing each beer. Worth a follow.

#12 Fitness.Church

The Fitness.Church travel product recommended by Arien Reeberg on Toast Fried.

Although not soley focussed on food, the recipes are healthy yet great tasting by adding little known natural exotic ingredients to well known healthy meals.

#13 sousvidetools

The sousvidetools travel product recommended by Katie Sadler on Toast Fried.

The Sous Vide Tools Instagram feed features some of the best in sous vide cooking, giving plenty of inspiration with beautifully presented images and fantastic videos. There is also plenty of behind the scenes content, giving a little variety and extra information for anyone interested in sous vide cooking, spherification, meat smoking, and other challenging methods of food preparation.

#14 chandavkl

The chandavkl travel product recommended by Vivian Young on Toast Fried.

A lawyer and an accountant by trade, David Chan found a new gig. He has become the foodie’s go-to guide for Chinese restaurants worldwide. He’s eaten at over 7,000 Chinese restaurants globally, keeping meticulous records on spreadsheets. Once a bean counter, always a bean counter! He has his hand on the pulse (and taste buds!) of the past, present and future of Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Fujian, etc. cuisines. Chan’s IG formula is simple. He posts a photo, a description of the dish with the name and location of the restaurant. If you want more information, message him. He focuses mainly on communities with a large Chinese population, southern and northern California and New York. But if you find yourself on the road in a different state or country, craving Chinese food, Chan’s your man!

#15 ByTheForkful_

The ByTheForkful_ travel product recommended by Yaz Purnell on Toast Fried.

This fun account features colourful, healthy vegan recipes with a focus on eating to fuel your body. From protein-packed flapjacks to hearty jackfruit Bolognese, this account guarantees your mind will be spinning with new plant-based recipe inspiration!

#16 foodbabyny

The foodbabyny travel product recommended by Liz Jeneault on Toast Fried.

foodbabyny is one of the best, most unique foodie accounts on Instagram! Mike Chau started the account back in 2014, when he began posting photos of New York City’s most delicious foods next to his two children. He now has three adorable kids, which he and wife Alex bring along with them on their various foodie adventures. What I love about the account is the kids! They really make the photos and videos so much more interesting! As we all know, kids love to react to delicious foods. They gasp in amazement over the pull of a pizza’s cheese, for example, or roll their eyes back in bliss over the ooey-gooey inside of a warm cookie. The family often checks out new restaurants before anyone else does. If it’s on their Instagram page, it’s probably delicious! I just love checking out @foodbabyny on Instagram to discover the best places to eat in New York.

#17 julieskitchen

The julieskitchen travel product recommended by Beverly Friedmann on Toast Fried.

Julie is a Los Angeles based food blogger who shoots collages of prepared and arranged foods and fresh herbs while incorporating print design into her account for flair. She even plants her own foods and purchases fresh produce from local farmer’s markets. Julie’s use of color and light in her photography work can make something as simple as fresh berries look aesthetically beautiful. With a 153k following base, it’s easy to see why she’s so popular on Instagram.

#18 foodintheair

The foodintheair travel product recommended by Beverly Friedmann on Toast Fried.

Food in the air is rather self-explanatory, and features delicious treats and foods held up against skylines and beautiful settings as backdrops. If you’re looking to view the perfect swirled ice cream cone with a beautiful beach setting in the background or an avocado toast platter with a luxury hotel photo as a backdrop, this is an account you need to follow. There’s beauty in the food and in the incredible background monuments and background photography work.

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