7 Food Podcasts to Suit Your Appetite

7 fantastic food podcasts for foodies everywhere

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Food is more than just what you put into your mouth. It inspires travel, relationships and most importantly, it’s something to talk about. From discovering appealing international cuisines to food trends to healthy recipes, foodies will be more than satisfied by the wide variety of topics covered in these brilliant podcasts.

#1 The Four Top

The The Four Top travel product recommended by Aaron Weast on Toast Fried.

Great podcast! Knowledgeable hosts and guests, variety of content.

#2 Ten Thousand Tongues: secrets of a layered kitchen by Nandita Godbole

The Ten Thousand Tongues: secrets of a layered kitchen by Nandita Godbole travel product recommended by Nandita Godbole on Toast Fried.

If you are looking for a feminist food novel that marries fact and fiction, tells food stories, was featured on NBC, NBC-Asian America, served as an example of a good food memoir on Forbes, and if your style is Joy Luck Club meets Climbing Mango Trees, you won’t be able to set down ‘Ten Thousand Tongues: secrets of a layered kitchen’.

Cleverly disguised as biographical fiction, Ten Thousand Tongues traces the author’s personal evolution as a food writer through the lives and stories of her family matriarchs. Give it a read, and if you want to cook the foods – there is a separate companion cookbook that places the kitchen-time-capsules within reach.

The podcast is going Live on August 12, so be sure to catch it!

#3 Food About Town

The Food About Town travel product recommended by Chris Clemens on Toast Fried.

Chris Lindstrom hosts Food About Town where he sits down for interviews with local chefs, food nerds, and people on the inside of the local food scene. He covers a wide range of topics, but it’s almost always brought back to food in some way. Admittedly, I’ve been a guest a bunch of times now, but it’s also one I regularly listen to because it’s such a great inside peek into the minds of the local food scene.

#4 Food for the Family Soul by Ashley Nunez

The Food for the Family Soul by Ashley Nunez travel product recommended by Ashley Nunez on Toast Fried.

Food For The Family Soul is a new take on good old fashioned family get-togethers. Each book in the series is designed as a catalyst to bring families together cooking in the kitchen. Call your mother in the law is the first in the series.

The magic behind the series is that the books all work together with recipes that compliment other recipes in the following book. These books are the go-to cookbooks for all families. Ashley Nunez an avid home cook, food photographer, and Instagramer has produced a new exciting twist on traditional cookbooks.

It’s simply delicious food that not only brings the family back to the table but into the kitchen! Gorgeous photos with every recipe to inspire you and keep you wanting to make mealtime fresh and exciting. Her eclectic style stems from the perfect blend of her worldwide travel and living all across U. S., but the real spice being the lessons she learned marrying into a Cuban family. Recipes have carb and protein counts so you can take out all the guesswork. Perfect for people counting their carbs and Type 1 Diabetes like Ashley herself.

Ashley makes fresh food that is accessible whether you are a seasoned chef or a new cook. It’s all about bringing the family back to the kitchen in an engaging and fun new way. Using fresh ingredients that entice the family to gather in the kitchen. Homestyle This is just yum something grandma would make not caring about carbs or fat. Mediterranean focused on olive oil, legumes, fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese and yogurt. Paleo focused on nuts, fruit, vegetables, roots and meat (no dairy). Keto lots of grass-fed butter, cream, nuts, coconut oil eating low to no carb and high good fat.

#5 Turnip with Dolly and Jacob

The Turnip with Dolly and Jacob travel product recommended by Don Baiocchi on Toast Fried.

A fun, informative podcast where Dolly and Jacob turn-up (food puns!) marginalized and underrepresented voices in the health and wellness community. Their fun, thoughtful rapport makes for provocative listening.

#6 Meat + Three

The Meat + Three travel product recommended by Don Baiocchi on Toast Fried.

Quick episodes covering 3 food trends, stories, personalities, etc. They cover a lot of ground without overwhelming you with information.

#7 Keep Calm and Cook On

The Keep Calm and Cook On travel product recommended by Don Baiocchi on Toast Fried.

Cookbook author Julia Turshen talks to fascinating, underheard guests directly in the food industry and those whose lives have been affected by food. Plus it covers a lot of topics that other food podcasts don’t, such as volunteering and community organizing.

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