6 Reasons That Vegans Should Grow Their Own Mushrooms

December 26, 2023
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6 Reasons That Vegans Should Grow Their Own Mushrooms

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Planting and maintaining a herbs and vegetable garden can be challenging. It requires consistent sunlight and diligent care. Have you ever considered growing your mushrooms instead? This project can be a great way to cultivate edible products from the comfort of your home. Explore six reasons that vegans should grow their own mushrooms.

Mushrooms Have Many Uses Beyond Food and Cooking

While most are aware of the culinary benefits of fungi, they have several uses beyond consumption! These uses include:

  • Vegan leather
  • Medicine
  • Skincare
  • Tea
  • Helping your other plants grow

Additionally, these uses are all vegan-friendly and contribute to environmentally safe production!

Growing Your Own Mushrooms Is Sustainable

As a vegan, you are likely constantly looking for ways to support the Earth and incorporate sustainable practices into your life. By participating in mushroom cultivation, you are contributing to an eco-friendlier future. Fungi feed off organic matter, including compost and agricultural wastes, so they don’t require abundant natural resources to survive!

Mushrooms Are a Great Meat Alternative

If you miss the flavor and heartiness of meat, certain species of mushrooms can act as great alternatives to a carnivorous diet. The texture and thickness of mushrooms can replace meat in many great dishes. For example, portobello mushrooms make a perfect plant-based burger patty! Remember, while mushrooms may taste like meat, they don’t contain the same protein level, so be sure to meet that nutritional need through other vegan-friendly foods.

Mycology Is Low-Maintenance and Easy To Learn

Contrary to what you may think, mushroom cultivation and mycology are simple to learn! A grow kit or guide will teach you how to inoculate your substrate and create the best environment for your mushrooms to thrive. Once you start, helping your fungi thrive is a relatively low-maintenance process. Other than occasional water misting, you won’t need to put in much effort!

Mushrooms Are Packed With Vitamins and Minerals

Mushroom consumption can be a great way to get your necessary vitamins and minerals. These fungi are incredible providers of B vitamins, phosphorus, and potassium. Additionally, mushrooms are uniquely powerful sources of natural vitamin D. In fact, mushrooms’ UV light exposure increases their vitamin D, so feel free to put them in the sun for an extra boost!

Mushroom Cultivation Is a Unique and Vegan-Friendly Hobby

If you are searching for a new and interesting hobby, mushroom cultivation is the way to go! This activity will help you grow your knowledge in mycology and expand your horticulture horizons.

If you feel inspired by these six reasons vegans should grow their own mushrooms, start your cultivation journey today! This is only the beginning of a great adventure in mycology.

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