Delhi’s Premier Food and Beverage Companies: Innovating Indian Culinary Landscape

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is not just known for its magnificent historical sites and vibrant markets. The city is also home to numerous innovative companies operating in the Food and Beverage industry, serving up a variety of delicious offerings and reinventing the way we interact with food and drink. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 11 such companies making strides in this industry, each with their own unique approaches and areas of expertise.

From speciality coffee roasters to a co-working space that turns cafes into office spaces, these companies represent the diverse ways that food culture is evolving in India’s capital. These companies are taking advantage of the latest innovations in technology and embracing sustainable and local sourcing practices, all while maintaining a commitment to serving high-quality and delicious products to their customers.

So, grab a cup of chai (or a latte from Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, as we’ll learn more about shortly!) and join us as we explore some of the remarkable companies operating in the Food and Beverage industry in Delhi, Delhi, India.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Founded by Matt Chitharanjan, Namrata Asthana, and Shivam Shahi, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters has become a well-known name among coffee aficionados not just in Delhi, but across the country. This specialty coffee e-tailer connects customers directly to single-estate Arabica coffee beans from Indian coffee estates, roasts them to order, and delivers the coffee directly to customers. The company also has physical retail stores for those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience.


A venture of agri-tech startup Crofarm, Otipy is an innovative platform aiming to connect farmers directly with customers. Founded by Varun Khurana, this platform uses AI-based demand prediction tools to ensure efficient and effective delivery of fresh produce, directly from the farm to your doorstep.


Want insider tips on the best restaurants in town? Look no further than EazyDiner. Founded by Kapil Chopra, Manish Kutaula, Rohit Dasgupta, and Sachin Pabreja, EazyDiner provides detailed and expert reviews by top critics to help customers make informed dining decisions. Booking through EazyDiner also comes with special deals and discounts.


Founded by Utkarsh Kawatra and Vinayak Agarawal, myHQ is a unique coworking space provider, offering curated spaces inside cafes and restaurants. These comfortable work zones also come with fully redeemable Food and Beverage plans, revolutionizing the way people work on the go.

Auric (Zenith Drinks Private Limited)

Based on Ayurveda, Plant-Based ancient science from India, Auric is a beauty and wellness brand that’s aiming to enter the lifestyle of millennials with Natural, Low calorie beverages. Founded by Deepak Agarwal, Auric is the perfect blend of Western Logic and Eastern Wisdom.

The Barbeque Company

The Barbeque Company, founded by Harmandeep Singh Khurana, is a true barbecue restaurant where food is grilled and served hot and fresh. This multi-city chain has become phenomenally popular among food lovers across the country for its diverse food offerings and delightful dining experience.

Clear Meat

At Clear Meat, founded by Kartik Dixit, Pawan Dhar, and Siddharth Manvati, the focus is on developing clear meat solutions for the meat industry. The company specializes in offering cell-based meat initiatives and validated products for non-vegetarians.


Stepping into the market of plant-based proteins, Greenest provides nutritious and delicious plant-based protein food products, catering to a growing consumer base looking for healthier and more sustainable dietary options.


Offering products sourced directly from farms, iOrderFresh, founded by Abhishek Sharma and Nitin Sawhney, delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, and personal care products to customers across Delhi NCR through its user-friendly mobile app.

Free Stand Sampling Solutions

Free Stand Sampling Solutions, founded by Kavach Chandra, Konark Sharma and Sneh Soni, is revolutionizing product sampling for FMCG brands. The company executes personalized, data-driven product sampling campaigns that are scalable.


MilkinOats, founded by Ashna Goel, is India’s First Oatmilk brand. The brand represents a shift towards creating sustainable and nutritious plant-based food and beverages that are not just good for consumers but also for the planet.

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