Delicious Spring Meal Ideas for Road Trips

March 29, 2021
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Delicious Spring Meal Ideas for Road Trips

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The country is opening back up, the highway is calling, and there are hundreds of opportunities out there to dine, snack, and otherwise sample so many drinks and dishes. But has cabin fever stifled your imagination so much you can’t think of where to go? Visit and get the car ready to go and brush up on your driving skills after picking one of these delicious spring meal ideas for road trips.

Day Tripper

Start small by not going too far and exploring the best foods in your area. Find your house on the map and determine what a circle of 200 miles circumference or so contains. What charming towns with well-loved diners, tearooms, and high-toned restaurants rest within that range? Is there a notoriously decadent donut shop off the highway or a classic pie place on the town square? Make it the ultimate goal of a fun-filled, single-day trip.

Eating Thematically

One instant road trip idea is pursuing the ultimate incarnation of a region’s culinary claim to fame. Whether it’s Tex-Mex, seafood, or pastries, every state, and sometimes every county, features a local favorite. Do a little research and see what the local citizens are known for and make a goal to sample as many as possible. Ultimately, every single one will be the best.

Farmers Markets and Farm Stands

It may be early in the season, but some farmers—traditional, organic, or even hydroponic—may already be offering produce. A trip through the country may garner fresh eggs, bacon, preserves, cheeses, and more. Keep your eyes open between destinations and you may gain plenty of authentic farm fare to take home with you.

Food Festivals

On any given pleasant day there’s probably a food festival going on. When pondering delicious spring meal ideas for road trips, look up the multiple festivals celebrating local, regional, national, or ethnic pride. You’ll sample delicacies you never imagined and be introduced to old favorites in new forms. Many restaurants operate food trucks and stands at such events, giving you an introduction to what goes on at their own places. Try a little and make plans for future visits. If you have several days at your disposal, chart a journey that hits every festival along the highway.

Spread It Out

How about a small-scale road trip for a single meal? Try a progressive dinner. Start with tapas at a Spanish restaurant, soup at another restaurant, surf and turf at a seafood place, followed by dessert at an old-fashioned ice cream shoppe, and after-dinner drinks or coffee elsewhere. Sure, it’ll take a while, but imagine the conversations and anticipation that will happen in-between, making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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