Drink Review: Balvenie 15 Year Old

October 31, 2020
3 mins read

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Balvenie haven't often released fully sherry matured whisky and we're very pleased to welcome the

15yo Single Barrel Sherry Cask to the range. Each bottle is part of a batch of only a few hundred, each

filled from a single cask. Every batch will vary a little, but all will show off the great combination of

Balvenie's spirit and rich sherry oak.

Balvenie 15 Sherry Review:

Colour: Golden Amber

Nose: Very enticing and inviting. Creamy, vanilla custard, candied nuts and vanilla.

A very lively nose, rich and sweet. Some nice floral notes and toffees.

Taste: Sweet and pepper. Creamy, vanilla custard, rich oak and some toffee and treacle.

Very good balance. Some pepper at the end. Creamy, vanilla custard, rich oak and toffee.

Finish: Warm and spicy. Delicious toffee and nuts, still very sweet.

Nice balance, rich, well sweetened. Creamy, vanilla and treacle, pepper at the end.

We think it is his moderate sherry and moderate oak that Balvenie 15 has so much going on. It is

complex, exhibiting lots of flavours that are not normally found in a single cask whisky. There is a gentle

metallic character in the spirit, which we feel adds to the quality of this liquid.

As we mentioned in the introduction, this is a really stunning looking whisky. The colour and aroma are

in total harmony and we really welcomed tasting this whisky in the glass. We were not disappointed and

we have a lot of confidence in this whisky.

This is a great introduction to Sherry cask whiskies. Those of you who may not be familiar with the

concept of traditional sherry oak will have a lot to enjoy here. The whisky is rich and sweet, but displays

a great sherry character. It is also very good value for money and we've shared a bottle of this with our

loyal founder, Alan Figg, who recommended that we include it in our first barrel review.

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Balvenie 15 Sherry Review 1:

It's probably not the best sherry whisky out there, but Balvenie did quite well with their first official

Sherry Cask offering. As a whisky drinker you are already familiar with Balvenie whisky – they've been

around for as long as anyone can remember, and we have a soft spot for them. So if you have a soft spot

for sweet, sweet malt then this whisky is well worth a try.Please remember not to judge any whisky until

you've had one, as you won't know what to expect.

Nose: Apple, red currant, treacle, sweet sherry and a little grassy.

Sweet and fruity with the sherry. Hints of treacle and an ever so slight metallic tinge.

Should be warm and spicy with a dry tingle at the end of the finish.

Taste: Sweet and spicy. A little nutty, hints of sherry and honey sweetness.

A very nice dry finish that leaves you with a taste of fruity sherry. Warming and with a touch of heat.

Nose: Rich and sweet. Lively with hints of floral and pineapple.

A very rich and sweet nose with tropical notes. The sherry is perfectly balanced with fresh fruits in the


A dry finish leaves you with a taste of sherry and slight pineapple.

Taste: Very rich and sweet. Flavourful with some nice fruity notes.

A very warm finish, touch of honey and a mix of fruit in it.

Balvenie 15 Sherry Review 2:

Nose: A complex and vibrant bouquet with a slightly smoky character.

First sniff can be very mellow and quite friendly – but very inviting and inviting.

Rich and slightly sweet. Hints of fruit, slightly smokey and a little spicy.

Taste: Mild and extremely flavoursome. Slightly smokey. Chewy, creamy, sweet.

Very sweet. Full of fruit and spicy notes.

Nose: Rich and sweet with light fruity notes. Very inviting.

This is where Balvenie's 15yo Single Barrel Sherry Cask landed. It has a rich and sweet, fruity sherry and

oak twist, which almost brought a tear to our eye. It's very sweet – barrel strength – and it had all of the

right components to make us smile. So we smile.

It's chocolate, choc and crunch. The sherry character is very smooth and perfectly balanced with oak and

candied vanilla. The pepper is well integrated and there is some nuttiness that adds a pleasant whole

grain note. Very tasty. Still a little vodka, but that's what you get when you mix these two together. And

as we overindulge, our guard is down, and we find ourselves wanting more. But still, we'll probably mix

some with ice next time.

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