Drink Review : Bushmills Original

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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Grain whiskey reserved for Bushmills Original is slowly matured for a minimum of five years in American oak casks before blending with Irish Single Malt to produce this popular whiskey.

Bushmills Review:

Mature aroma of sweet vanilla, spice and floral notes, then a typical, thick, full-bodied Bushmills flavour emerges. This is a smooth whiskey with no bite, with a sweet finish.

Taste and Flavour: A unique interplay of sweet vanilla, spice and floral notes, Asmouldering, round, smooth and warm tasting Bushmills.

Bushmills is a distinctive blend of single malt and Sherry. The whiskey is matured in American oak casks such as Kentucky Bourbon barrels as well as Spanish and Sherry Oak casks.

A smooth, deep amber-coloured blend of 60% from Sherry and 40% from bourbon. The flavours are of honey with a hint of raisin on the nose. It is medium bodied with a sweet and rich taste of honey and light fruitiness.

In lighter styles, Bushmills has a soft and mellow finish. In heavier styles it is stronger.A smooth sweet and distinct taste of honey, mixed with light fruitiness.

Made from a blend of whiskey and malt whiskey, the core product is composed of grain whiskey, some of which is from whisky and whisky-like grain whiskey from Islay, for which Bushmills has a double name of ‘Islay Whisky’. Other caramel malts and more alcohol are also used.

The much celebrated Bushmills is well known for its sweet colour and flavor. It has a fruity taste of banana, fruitcake, coconut and malt.

Bushmills is a well known smooth, sweet Bushmills. It has no bitterness or smokiness. It is lighter and lighter in body, and does not leave a bad aftertaste. Also it is not over-powering in the tongue. Extremely smooth and easy to drink.

Also, the Bushmills is an all time favorite for people who like a smooth whiskey and who prefer less alcoholic products.

Bushmills Review 1:

Although the Bushmills is becoming a little expensive in today’s market it is a nice whiskey for a good drink. It is similar only to Knob Creek Single Barrel Whiskey. But Bushmills has a nice taste of honey, while Knob Creek has a strong sweet taste of caramels and oranges.

Also, Bushmills is a famous whiskey from the famous Bushmills distillery in Northern Ireland. Not many people know about this distillery. But now lots of people are buying this whiskey due to its famous and great taste. They are expensive, but these taste of Bushmills are worth it.

A remarkable whisky that manages to make extensive use of the spirit’s sherry… sherry without sweetness that is.

The whisky is not sweet as the name suggests but much rather simple and well-structured. It has a slight mineralist note and a very noble character.

It’s a drink that has very complex accent due to its age and provenance, but it does not come with any fruitiness or spiciness.

Bushmills is a very good whiskey which is aged in oak barrels and uses high quality ingredients. It has a somewhat subtle flavor, because you need to be patient in order to appreciate it and be sure to use a good quality glass in order to reawaken the aromas.

Also, to have the least nasty, bitterness in the pasty, it can be important to choose the side that is lower in sugar, so that the heat not mutates too much this product.

Unable to deliver all of the quality and complexity in light of your feelings, I recommend this Bushmills whiskey. You will certainly be attentive to your glass of Bushmills and think that it is a very good whiskey which is aged in oak barrels and uses high quality ingredients. 

Not only is it a fine mild sherry flavour but also has hints of cherry woodsmoke, with the woodsmoke flavor in the aftertaste. It has a creamy sherry taste, with none of the best.

Bushmills Review 2:

But if you like a mild sherry finish, blend like cream in a tumbler of ice, a nice piece of fruit, and it turns into a wonderful drink and a little of its ambrosia.

The price of this drink is also very normal, so it is worth it especially If it fits your budget. Moreover, this drink is easy to drink, with pleasantness.

Finally, it is a very good Scotch.

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