Drink Review: Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

November 21, 2020
2 mins read

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The best-selling whiskey in the Republic of Ireland, Power’s Gold Label has a spicy potstill character and is aged between 5 and 6 years in Bourbon casks. This was relaunched in 2013 with a new-recipe and at a higher strength of 43.2%.

Powers Irish Whiskey Review:

Powers’s 10-year-old is very rich with a sugar-sweet, aniseed spice and an occasional bourbon side-kick. Power’s 10-year-old is unmistakably a pot-still whiskey.

Powers’ has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with just a touch of citrus (yuzu, I think) and a very smooth finish. This whiskey is easy on the go-blow and leaves a lot of room for individualisation. I really like it and it’s definitely one of the more accessible Irish whiskeys.

The aromas and flavors of the whiskey are quite intense and there are no ‘bad’ notes – there’s just too much going on.

The problem is that with more intense flavors, you lose the things that would normally make the whiskey ‘work’. It’s a bit like trying to make a good coffee cake where you add in as many ingredients as you can think of, but none of them actually work.

To simplify: I have tasted this whiskey twice now and I can’t say I’ve learned anything new. Why? Because when it’s that good, it’s already excellent.

Tasting Notes for the Powers 10-year-old Irish Whiskey (5/5)

Appearance: A bright straw color. A very thin sediment.

Nose: Strong aniseed, some orange peel and ginger, with lemon and honey.

Taste: Sweet, sugar-sweet, flavours of orange and lemon peel, mild aniseed, with lots of earthy and sweet notes of ginger.

Finish: Medium finish with lingering spices and orange peel.

Powers 10-year-old Irish Whiskey Review: (5/5)

Aftertaste: Medium to long with a mild aniseed character.

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Review:

A spicy winter drink that is very easy to drink.

A very easy to drink pot-still whiskey, Power’s is smooth and has a nice, sweet aroma and tastes.

This whiskey has a full and slightly sweet aroma with some spices, ginger and orange. The palate is easy drinking with a slightly warming finish. It leaves a pretty strong, bold dried apricot aftertaste that is complemented by some ginger and water.

The Power’s has a sweet aroma with some spice and ginger, a slightly sweet palate and light finish. It is a very smooth drink.

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Review:

This sligtly sweet whiskey is very easy to drink.

Powers Gold Label has a ginger, similar to angelica, apricot and nutty notes and a sweet and bold aroma. Distinctively sweet and spicy, it has a medium finish with lingering fruit and ginger.

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Review (5/5)

An easy drinking pot-still whiskey with oaky notes of vanilla and fruit.

A very easy drinking whiskey, Power’s Gold Label is smooth and sweet. There is a spicy aroma followed by a sweet body. A light burn and a ‘warming’ aftertaste.

The Power’s Gold Label had a nice aroma with the slightest touch of nut and some citrus. There was a nice sweet body on the palate and a warming, like-sticks-to-your-skin spicy finish.

Review Powers Gold Label:

The Power’s Gold Label has a tingling all the way through and a soft, spicy taste on the front palate. It leaves a warm after-taste and remains on the palate for a little while.

Powers Gold Label has firm marks that have a clean, light, sweet aroma. The palate with a creamy feel and some lingering sweetness that is light and smooth.

A very easy-drinking pot-still whiskey with some whisky notes, but much more of the honey-like citrus.

A decent pot-still whiskey with a sweet aroma of citrus. It has a sharp palate with honey and orange notes and a sweet finish.

A very nice pot-still whiskey, the Power’s Gold Label appears to be much more flavoursome than the 10-year-old.

It is a nice drinking whiskey with subtle notes of ginger and orange with some sweetness that lasts after.

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Review:

A light pot-still whiskey with just a touch of sweetness. This makes it very easy to drink.

The Power’s Gold Label is a pot-still whiskey with little spice, spicy crunch and a honey-like sweetness on the finish. This is easy to drink if you like this style of whiskey.

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