Drink Review : CasamigosAnejo Tequila

November 19, 2020
3 mins read

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Aged for 14 months in American oak barrels, Casamigosañejo is made slowly, with the agave fermented for twice the average and roasted for 10 times as long. The brand is part owned by actor George Clooney.

CasamigosAnejo Review:

Casamigos, owned by Hollywood star George Clooney, got its start slowly but has quickly grown to become the ultimate showcase of the Casamigosañejo. The company grows the agave plants at its own distillery in Tepozala, Jalisco, using the same method that has been used in Zapotlanejo for generations.

This particular añejo is made by fermenting the agave for twice the speed required for tequila production and using a special inoculation process to add the botanicals in the last step.

This results in a slow and crafty process that results in a smooth, complex and delicious añejo tequila.

The añejo is light yellow in color. It is luscious and smooth and absolutely delicious and full of complex flavors. The taste is reminiscent of a phenomenal Bailey’s Irish Cream so you know the brand is legit. The nose conveys the agave, corn and vanilla. The taste is a bit more rich and seductive featuring thick and complex layers of roasted agave, spice, caramel and oak.

The Casamigosañejo is absolutely delicious and complex and truly is another winner for this company. It is subtle, smooth and complex with a satisfying long finish and none of that “beanie baby” taste a lot of anejoshave. The Casamigos is 100% Blue Agave and is available in 1.75 liter bottles, 5.75 gallon jugs and 750ml mini-glasses and tins. It is addictively smooth and one that should be in your top shelf collection immediately. Highly recommended!

Casamigos will continue to grow, so the best bet at this point is to track it down as soon as you can. It is worth it!

Like all Casamigos products, it comes in a unique and beautiful bottle. It’s a perfect addition to your collection. We couldn’t be happier that Casamigos is here to stay and making a major splash with a classy and finely crafted añejo tequila. Rich, smooth and complex, CasamigosAnejo will impress both whiskey and wine lovers alike. Being an añejo, it is priced slightly higher than the white and young. We personally believe six-packs of this beauty is worth every single penny.

CasamigosAnejo Review 1:

In the current climate of the tequila market, it is difficult to find a company putting out a quality product that sells themselves, while also making a statement in the world of alcohol. Like Johnny Walker Black, Casamigos is one of those companies that takes pride and makes a statement in their product.

The yellow color of the añejo is very prominent and distinctive. It has a strong, vaguely vanilla and agave nose that gets things going. The sharp agave flavors are prevalent in the entire sip and grow with each sip. The finish is long and smooth with a strong notes of vanilla, agave and spice.

The agave in this añejo tequila is ground in a stone mortar and the grains are smoked for seven days for maximum flavor.

The process is time-consuming, as it is relatively rare, and that’s part of the reason why this particular tequila is much more expensive than other brands.

This is a luxurious and luxurious tequila and if you are a lover of the flavor and magic this añejo will bring to life, it is worth every single penny.

The CasamigosAñejo Tequila comes in a unique bottle that is easy for you to find and afford. It is luscious and smooth, complex and full of that certain something. It’s a unique bottle and an easy find, not that we would get it to begin with. It is something you’ll want to have in every cabinet and on every shelf.

CasamigosAnejo Review 2:

The honey color highlights the lusciousness of this añejo. The agave nose is quite strong, but resembles a fine wine more than tequila, which is to be expected with something aged in American oak barrels for almost a year. The flavor is rich, smooth and balanced and the overall experience is typical of a well-aged tequila with a nice finish.

The CasamigosAñejo is unique, boring in a non-restriction good way, and sure to please the most refined palate. If you’re looking for something luscious, unique, and full of character, look no further. There have been few tequilas to hit the market with the same type of balance and sophistication as this. The Casamigosañejo is well worth every dime spent and you won’t be disappointed and neither will your guests.


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