Drink Review: Ciroc Apple Vodka

September 27, 2020
2 mins read

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A combination of quintuple-distilled grape-based Ciroc vodka and apple flavours, this is crisp and juicy. Great with a mixer of your choice, especially in The Big Apple – just mix one part to three parts cranberry juice and garnish with a slice of apple.

Ciroc Apple Vodka:

Label: A very simple but stylish bottle designed with a good balance between the highlights put on the label and body of the bottle. Easy to read and see.

Appearance: Has a nice, clear mid-range clarity to the liquid. The product is yellow-tinted and crystal clear.

Aroma: Similar to a cask Aussie shiraz, the product is blunt and lacking in complexities but still very strong and ripe, with major notes of apple.

Taste: Pure apple vodka. Quite sweet and fruity, with a mid-range, clean mouthfeel, and you can taste the slight bite of the alcohol. Icy notes which I actually enjoy.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 1:

Cocktails: Ciroc Apple goes best with fruity, aromatic cocktails. Try a mixture of cranberry juice and apple juice, or try one part product and three parts cranberry juice for a taste of New York.

A good mixing Vodka for causal social drinking. Recommend serving one part of product and three parts cranberry juice for a tasty and yet refreshing beverage.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 2:

DrinkAdvisor rates Ciroc Apple 1.5 stars out of 4 stars for its great taste, but its taste and the slightly bland appearance. The combination of flavours is very true, but the vodka just could have been given more punch.

Distilled from grapes, Ciroc is a triple distilled Polish vodka made by Diageo, one of the largest producers in the world. Diageo has won over 1500 awards this year, so they obviously mean business.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 3:

Nose: Sour apples and alcoholic aroma.

Mouth: Big taste, sour apple, a bit of a tangy flavour like a lemon.

Finish: Sour deliciousness! Golden raisins, or a nice sweet apple.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 4:

Ciroc is a name known to most people, it’s a household and party favourite. Any party without Ciroc just isn’t a party – this product is the essence of fun! Packed with crisp apple flavours, this is, like Ciroc’s sister products, clear and unadulterated.

The Ciroc apple is a fantastic party addition, and can mix well in any cocktail thanks to its purity of flavour, or you can served chilled and straight over ice, as it is delicious either way.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 5:

The bottle is simple and useful. Sure, it is really plain and uninteresting, but you can see what it is and how many you have.

You can’t really see the color of it from the bottle. It is actually yellow and clear. The apple flavor is great and the taste is amazing. Ciroc Apple is definitely meant to be enjoyed as a side drink, or as a shot. It’s not exactly a vodka you can sip on for hours and hours. And honestly, you shouldn’t. Ciroc Apple isn’t like the other Ciroc Vodkas. It’s much less sweet. It doesn’t have all of the different flavors in it like the Original Ciroc Vodka. It says on the bottle that it is the low calorie “Smart” option. Well, it’s the “Smart” option for those who want the taste of vodka, but not necessarily the buzz of it. I enjoyed it, but it’s not my favorite.I wouldn’t say Ciroc Apple is the best vodka out there, because, it’s not. But it’s still a great option to mix with or to just have for its fantastic flavor. It’s a great product to take with you on the go.

Ciroc Apple Vodka Review 6:

It’s not a horrible product, but is it the best? Not at all. But, it is a great choice for those looking for a vodka that will not give them that vicious, burning feeling in your throat. For those who are on the go and need to stay sharp after a few drinks, Ciroc Apple may be exactly what you are looking for. Ciroc Apple really does do a great job at cleanliness and crisp flavor. It is clean and refreshing, just like the other Ciroc products.

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