Drink Review: Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

November 21, 2020
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A 2015 limited-edition extension to Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head range, this is named after the natural light phenomenon, Aurora Borealis. Made with English wheat and Canadian water, this is five-times distilled and seven-times filtered. Drier, bolder and spicier than the original.

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka Review:


Glasses: Strong black outline marble flute + hand-blown crystal stemware.

Smell: Rose petals mixed with chocolate and woods.

Taste: More woody than the nose suggests – dark and spicy with honey, cinnamon, tropical fruit and earthy notes. A touch of salt in the finish is topped up by further citrus and ginger.

According to the story, Crystal Head Vodka came about at the Cracker Barrel in Belleville, IL, in the early 1990’s. Aykroyd was visiting the restaurant with his then wife Donna, and ordered the Vodka in one of their “double serving” glasses. Aykroyd told the waitress that his drink was “old fashioned” and she found him amusing. Aykroyd is convinced that the waitress was wearing a Crystal Head necklace at the time.

Crystal Head Aurora Review:

It took over twenty years for this product to come to market. 

“There were a lot of things that came up in the corporate motion that were going to keep it at a distance from most people. They were afraid that the public was going to think that it was still Dan Aykroyd and Donna, [the waitress], and that it would be a weird product. We wanted it to have its own aura, a smell, a taste, and a name that was appropriate for it.

Aurora Rising is a socio-cultural product that is linked to the fact that night is the time when you make magic in the lives of everybody you meet. It is also a metaphor about how life starts from one source and opens up its potential at different stages in life.

The material has to be different than the original Crystal Head Vodka. We choose the micro-flora and algae from the Great Lakes at the end of the road of humans, which is in Wisconsin. It came from the bottom: the sea, the sky and the earth are the common denominators of life. Only human beings ascribe a special meaning to it. We were able to go up to the lake and let the ripples that are given from the waves and wind on the lake – they are the meaningful elements when we’re coming from the ground and absorbing them.Crystal

Crystal Head Aurora Review:

Make no mistake, this is a high-end vodka. , most of which will be reflected in the price tag on your glass.

Solid year-round asset: This vodka is an excellent all-year-round vodka, though it is rather strong.

Variations: Crystal Head Vodka is all things to all people. Crystal Head Aurora is a limited edition, though it will be back: another one is already in the works according to Aykroyd’s website.

Best describes: Crystal Head Vodka is full-bodied, vibrant and fresh with a crisp, clean finish. It is not aggressive, having a great depth, and almost a soapy flavor to it. The limited edition Crystal Head Aurora is bolder and spicier.

What would we pair with it: Amber ale: there are a plethora of full-bodied reds out there, and they pair great with a glass of Aurora, so enjoy a pint of Dogfish Head Red and Crystal Head Aurora on a cold night, especially one with the lights of Chicago glistening off the water.

Is it an all-time classic: Yes.

Availability: It is everywhere.

Crystal Head Aurora Review:

Should you buy it: Yes and yes. Crystal Head Aurora is much like the original, except verging on even more bold and spicier. If you enjoyed the original, you will like the premier edition even more. If you’re only a fan of the original, the limited edition might be overkill. Just enjoy it as the other has done.

The best part of the story: Crystal Head Vodka started only as a coincidence, but the scariest part of its evolution was considered to be its actual release. People wanted to know if it would ever come out into the open; if it would cause damage as such. Thankfully, the product was a huge success, and brings Dan Aykroyd a lifelong income, so Aykroyd’s worries proved to be unfounded.

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