Drink Review: Stolichnaya Elit Vodka

November 20, 2020
2 mins read

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Elit represents the zenith of Stoli’s distillation technique, using a patented ‘freeze-filtration’ technique to produce an awesome vodka of unparalleled purity. Pure class.

Stolichnaya Elit Review:

Last month we featured Stoli’s Golden Drop Vodka as the highest quality vodka, but being a vodka of the highest quality means the price must match, and StoliElit is just as classy and is considerably cheaper.

Elit is bottled at 49% ABV (alcohol by volume) meaning it’s not for sale to people under the age of twenty-one.

Classy bottle with a simple black and white label.

On the label it’s written as “In Finland, handcrafted Stolichnaya Elit Vodka is made only when a double-barreled dragon gives birth to a triple-barreled unicorn.”

Handcrafted at the StolychnayaGusiyLodka Spirit Plant in Riga, it’s produced at a purity of 99.9% and is, as you’d expect, made from the finest wheat for the final distillation of Elit. Stolynaya is the Russian name for the city in which the studious and industrious Riga is situated.

Stolichnaya Elit Review:

I’m always impressed by packaging, and every time I’ve met a StolychnayaGusiyLodka representative, they’ve always been smartly dressed. Not only does this spruce up the drink, but with the simple label design, this puts into mind all the other high quality vodkas Stoli distils.

This bottle also is a perfect size for a vodka cocktail.

Smoothness & Finish: 10/10

It’s amazing what StoliElit Vodka can do. Having consumed almost every high-dollar vodka there is, Elit is now Stoli’s best-selling product, and there is no other vodka that can take its place.

The finish of Elit is smooth, comforting and long-lasting, with a slow, steady burn that’s not too heavy or intense. It isn’t as smooth as a Gordon’s vodka, but it is smoother than the majority of other vodkas.

Although the smoothness and finish of Elit are impressive, the best part is that you always know exactly what you’re drinking. You don’t get much more straightforward than that.

Stolichnaya Elit Review:

In Stolichnaya Elit vodka the distinctive vapour ensemble identifies the characteristic taste of the product. Elit is clear, pale and always well-defined. You will be able to distinguish individually all the main aromas, after tasting this vodka you won’t be able to wait to come back to drink some more

Aroma is not the most important part of vodka. However, I’m a big vodka connoisseur (I was featured in Forbes as such) so I would say that StoliElit has a pretty classic Jasmine, Caramel and Vanilla aroma, and a good pepper and juniper mix, but with Elit everything is really balanced, and unlike other premium vodkas, you’re not left with the distinct aroma of a certain herb or spice.

Once again, the interesting aspect of the Orgeat syrup comes to the fore. It smells sweet and reminds me of popping pixie-dust and sugar lollies. In fact, one of the characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy carries around a flask of Orgeat.

Stolichnaya Elit is a pure vodka. It comes with an interesting taste, and is great for mixing, and has an incredibly smooth taste. It has the hallmarks of a premium vodka up its sleeve, and my only criticism is that I don’t think it has that much body to it.

It’s very much a straight vodka and it doesn’t have any added herbs and spices, which is great if you’re a vodka drinker, but if you are someone who likes something a bit all over the place with their vodka, Elit might not be the vodka for you.

However, it could be that I just like to exaggerate. You see, with lots of vodkas, it’s all about how strong you drink it, and now with Elit, I’m always telling others how tiny they’re drinks are. It’s all become a game now between me and my sister, whose tasting palate seems to be more developed than mine; she tells me that I exaggeration, but I know I’m right.

Green, leafy, grassy and earthy notes with a sweet, sweet taste. There are a lot of components brewing to this one, but upon tasting it, the dominant flavours are always the same, and that’s the point.

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