Drink Review: Four Roses Original

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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(Yellow Label) Bourbon

Formerly known as Yellow Label, this is a very popular bourbon, aged a minimum of five years in oak barrels for extra smoothness and carefully blended for a consistently smooth, creamy flavour.

Four Roses Yellow Review:

Leaning the liquid to one side, yellow to amber in colour, with a slight amber-reddish hue.

Licking the liquid

Original old-fashioned ice cubes (1-in of crushed ice, plus 1/4 – 1/3 oz)


Aroma is a light – moderate scent of juniper, sagebrush, oak, vanilla, a little lemon, and “cottage cheese” (whey powder?). The former three characteristics come off the glass like a light fog, consistent with the bourbon’s light, bright colour.

 The rose water has a nice floral, aromatic effect, not overpowering the bourbon’s richness. It’s a nice touch, but I recommend not dousing any of the whiskey in it.

The liquor tastes gently of rose water, followed by the light aroma of sagebrush, juniper, vanilla, and little hints of lemon and undertones of caramel, mocha, and orange. The taste is the smoothest and most delightful, with the tongue’s tip coated with a light, creamy coating. The finish lingers pleasantly, leaving the mouth feeling fresh, clean, and full.

Mellow, round, smooth, full-bodied, and sweet.

Wickedly smooth

A smooth, warming sensation sits behind the liquor’s full, roundness, as the tongue rests in an oily, heavy coating.

Truly decadent

Chocolaty, sweet, luxurious mouthfeel and faint tasting of chocolate

Mouthfeel is soft, heavy, and satissfying

Completely coats and surrounds the tongue with a smooth, satissfying coating, having the effect of being melted on one’s tongue, leaving one feeling sated and complete. The mouthfeel is terribly decadent, and leaves the tongue coated with a long-lasting, smooth liqueur-like texture, frozen on the tongue, and remains there without leaving a trace of one’s drink.

  • Comforting alcohol
  • alcoholic, smooth
  • Sedated, heavy, smooth, and warm
  • Four Roses

I found the Yellow Label to have the best overall taste of four scotch whiskies, and among the best overall scotches. Touching and gliding on the palate, all the flavorings magically melt and drip on the tongue for a deliciously languid, lasting, heavy-bottomed, and deeply decadent sipper.

The Four Roses Original will definitely find a place in my cabinet.

Four Roses Yellow Review:

Overall: 94/100

The Original Rare Breed


This scotch is a creamy clear amber colour, with a touch of red in the corners. The liquid is visibly thicker and heavier than the Yellow Label.

  • Licking the liquid
  • Crushing an ice cube

Ah! The liquor! This is a distillate which makes one forget he’s drinking whiskey. This, mad man, is the richest, sexiest, most sultry, and satissfying whiskey I have ever tasted.

  • Luxuriously rich
  • Comforting alcohol alcoholic, smooth
  • Sedated, heavy, smooth, and warm

Blended from white rye and corn, which give a spicy and smooth flavour to the liquor.Brings the liquor full-bodied and rounded.


A smooth, crystal clear yellow to amber colour, with a slightly golden hue. The liquid is emphatically thicker than the Yellow Label.

Licking the liquor

The liquor is soft, creamy, and has a slight sheen of oil on the tongue.

The liquor is a smooth, smooth, smooth-coated liquid. The liquor’s taste is sweet and satissfying, the taste of caramel, the taste of maple, the taste of maple-syrup, and the taste of hazelnut. The liquor’s taste is smooth, smooth, smooth, without any bite. The liquor has an amazing sense of smoothness, roundedness, satissfyingness, and drinkability. The taste of this bourbon is unyielding, intoxicating, and relaxing. The taste of this bourbon is one of the most overpoweringly comforting liquids the world has seen.

The Original Rare Breed Gold is so many things; the strongest, sweetest, richest, smoothest, most satissfying, and most calming scotch I’ve ever tasted.

The taste of the whiskey is no less than absolutely brilliant.

Four Roses Yellow Review:

The taste is a creamy, smooth, smooth-coated sensation laced with heavy spruce and something slightly like maple and caramel, with an elusive bitter taste that can’t be detected, or something.

Water and ice do not warm the liquor, rather, the liquor is left comfortably cool, and calm. The liquor is warmer and warmer in appearance. The taste is a soft, sweet, luxurious, satissfying, and smooth sensation laid on the tongue, coating the tip of the tongue, freezing on the tip, with a lasting, sedating, smooth, smooth-coated, comforting sensation. The liquor is rich, relaxing, and comforting.

This bourbon tastes weird, but in a good way.

The taste is like a holiday

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