Drink Review: Mare Mediterranean Gin

November 20, 2020
4 mins read

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A Mediterranean-indpired uses four principal botanicals: basil, thyme, rosemary and Arbequina olives, as well as the traditional juniper berries.

Gin Mare Review:

Review by Michael McQuaid:

Mare Gin is a distillery in London which specializes in the production of cocktails. It was originally started in 2011 as a experiment to distill gin with Mediterranean flora and fauna, particularly the ingredients of Cinque Terre, in order to ensure that the East end of London could one day provide its own unique quality craft gin. Find out what makes this gin work by reading on.

Aroma: Mare Gin is infused with the aromas of citrus, spice and herbs.

Flavors: Mare Gin mixes the fruitiness of lemons with the strong woodsy notes of bark. These both come together to provide a nose that shows off the botanical intricacies of the distillate. To finish, spice is added with a touch of juniper, which pairs excellently with the basil and thyme used to infuse the gin. The results are beautiful and are a great way to tie the Mediterranean Gin to its vivid origins.

Body: Mare Gin is crisp and clear. It is a virtually uncolored gin and once consumed, the aromatics dance throughout the mouth with the texture of the tongue.

Overall: Mare Gin is a 10/10 gin and definitely shows that the Mediterranean doesn’t have to be just about olives and seafood. It is a fresh, flavorful, complex, and unpretentious way to enjoy a cocktail.

I would have to say that this is not your average gin. The use of Mediterranean herbs and spices is inventive and the exotic nature of my favorite food regions added a level of international appeal that would normally be far too grand for a mere gin. I would recommend Mare to anyone that enjoys mixing cocktails and men that enjoy making a good piece of scented furniture.

Gin Mare Review 1:

The gin is a clear base containing citrus aromas. It has a nose that is reminiscent of a lemon or orange and smells of herbs and spices, such as thyme, basil, coriander, juniper, and fresh lemon. The body is watery, which reflects the texture of the gin, and is also sweet, but hints at the herbs and spices. On the ingredients, it is hard to decipher the distinct herbs, since they are so muted by the citrus, but the body and texture reflects the herbs.

Flavor: Mare is a gin that is more floral than many gins, and it is a floral garnish. The body is watery and sweet, and the overall flavour is a mixture of citrus and herbs with a light juniper. I appreciate the details on how Mare has infused herbs, but it is too me, the flavour itself is lacking, and it lacks some of the other varieties of herbs found in this type of drink.

I have not tasted many pastas that use herbs and spices in a cocktail. However, there are a few that do, including Harvest Gin and Parisian Gin. Both of these juices have a more distinctive aroma of herbs and spices, making it very easy to smell. Although Mare has some of the traditional winter herbs and spices found in a British cocktail, it was a lot harder to absorb the “garnish” of a cocktail.

Mare Gin Review 2:

The citrus notes are fresh and clean. The botanical herb blend consists of thyme, rosemary, basil, and citrus, such as lemon and lime. The body is unique and unique due to the citrus notes. The direction is also unique. If you are in the mood for something citrusy, with strong floral taste, this is the gin for you. This drink is exotic, with a touch of personality and a loyal personality.

Flavor: Mare Gin is a fresh and unique cocktail gin. You may want to take a sip of this and not hide behind a cloudy drink to hide the elegant notes. You will hear the herbal notes clearly. The body is clear and the citrus maintains a slightly sweet taste. The citrus notes and the balance of herbs makes the body an exceptional drink.

Mare Gin Review 3:

The drink has notes of a combination of sweet and fruity. It has notes of spices, such as clove, cinnamon, black pepper, and graphite. The drink is a combination of fresh citrus, Mediterranean herbs, and flourishes.

GRADE: 10/10 – Intense and exotic taste.

A unique and complex combination of peach, rosemary, and ginger blending with honey and spices. This drink is warm, sweet, and delicate. It has a unique taste that will excite your palate. The honey notes are harmonious and balance each other.

The drink is very sweet and contains the taste of spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg with pieces of ginger and rosemary. The body has a hint of spices and remains clear, leaving a clear palate to taste the drink.

The drink has a unique taste of complexity, with the aromas of spices, honey, and berries. It has a very clear and aromatic taste of honey, cinnamon, and berries. The spice, honey, and herbs are balanced perfectly. The cinnamon and honey are prominent in the body with spices representing the fruity notes. The drink contains a distinctive flavour. It has a sweet, spicy, and aromatic taste, which will wake your senses.

Gin Mare Review 4:

The gin has hints of fresh orange and lemon with brown sugar and clove. This drink has a sweet, complex taste of herbs and spices. The flavour is unique and different from some other gins. This drink has a focus on cloudy notes, which is a trade mark of gin.

The drink has flavours of lemon, coriander, and turmeric. The botanicals are very subtle. The drink is exotic, with a sweet taste and unique notes. The aromas are strong and keep a balance between the sweet and spicy.

Mare is a gin that is easy to mix. It has its own spices and botanical blend that is unique and interesting. It has a spicy aroma and a sweet taste, making it a drink that stays distinct from other gins.

Flavor: Between the taste, aroma, and the flavour, this drink has a sweet, spicy, and aromatic taste. The botanicals are well balanced with the spices, and they provide a distinct finish. The finish is spicy, sweet, and kingly.

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