Drink Review: Gran Patron Platinum Magnu

September 12, 2020
3 mins read

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A magnum of ultra-premium silver (blanco) Tequila – Gran Patron is a triple-distilled aged Tequila that has had its colour removed.

Patron Platinum Review

Distilled from the finest Weber Blue Agave, the Patron Silver is rested in white oak casks for a minimum of two months where it is hand crafted by master distillers. The Patron Silver is only sold in Canada through world-renowned liquor stores like The Wine Rack and is bottled at 38% ABV.

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The Patron Silver bottle is the latest innovation in the prestige range of Patron tequilas, featuring the Patron Man, an homage to Don Francisco Patron, founder of the Patron distillery. Minimalist and modernist in style, this bottle is understated and emotive. The Patron Man is at once comic and tragic, a reflection of the story of Patron and imbued with humanity. The agave, which is the basis for this product, grows in volcanic soil and is harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, a region that is located in the southwest of Mexico. Due to its origin, Patron Silver Tequila has a lovely taste that is “slightly smoky and sweet”. The process of its production is also typical of Mexico since it is manufactured using a traditional distillation method. The Patron Silver Tequila is distilled using copper pot stills and the best quality of tequila is produced through distillation in small amounts. This is why it is of the highest quality and also cost a little bit more. Though the Patron Silver Tequila is expensive, it has received many positive reviews. People appreciate its uniqueness for many reasons, mainly the fact that it is triple distilled. Being a premium Tequila, it is a blend of purity and complexity. The Tequila tends to be enjoyed over ice with lime, with club soda, champagne or rum, or in a margarita cocktail. The Patron Silver Tequila tends to go with any of those mixers and is also enjoyed neat.

The Review

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The Patron Platinum Tequila is a great experience for me and its rich in flavour. When I was expecting a typical Mexican Tequila going in, it was a bit darker but it was a very welcome mind-fuck. I imagine being in a warehouse full of only this Tequila. The rich dark wood tones on the bottle is just a hint of whats to come. As soon as I opened the bottle I could sense it’s dark character that goes down easy. It pours the way it looks.

Gran Patron Platinum is a Patron Tequila branded product. It is the first ultra-premium Patron Tequila that has been aged for a minimum of four years. It is triple distilled from the finest Weber Blue Agave, like Patron Silver, but it is aged for four years, twice as long as Patron Silver Tequila. Gran Patron Platinum Tequila is yellow in color and has a flavor profile that is similar to Patron Silver Tequila. It has hints of fruity with a decent hint of wood and vanilla.

Gran Patron Platinum is a high-end Tequila recommended for someone with a greater appreciation for the flavour of Tequila and is recommended for neat sipping or served with a twist of lime. Unlike Patron Silver, it is aged for a longer period of time and is more complex in flavour and can be enjoyed with many different types of alcohol. It can also be consumed as a spirit on the rocks and is a great offering to have around the house for special occasions.

As I rounded the bottle and opened it, I could smell its fruity and woody scent. The first taste is smooth and the Tequila mixed with the lime deliver a great kick of citrus. It is a great tasting Tequila and a great substitute for Patron’s silver Tequila. This Tequila is just as smooth and good as the Patron Silver and is worth spending the extra money on if you are in the mood for a great Tequila. The Platinum Tequila should be served neat and the flavour is not lost when served chilled or over ice.

Over all, this Patron Tequila is a great drink to have while you’re having a party and doesn’t lose its flavour in mixes. This Tequila is rich and smooth and it has a strong kick with no lingering aftereffects.

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