Drink Review: Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka

October 6, 2020
2 mins read

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An impressive entry into the premium vodka market under the name of Harlan D Wheatley, master distiller at Buffalo Trace. CLIX is 159 in Roman numerals, the number of distillations used to produce the batches blended to produce this clean and crisp spirit.

Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka Review:

Color: Clear. Recommended for filling ice cubes. Length: 3.5 inches. Served at room temperature.

Nose: Herbal, green melon, sweet, slightly citrus.

Palate: Clean, fresh, sweet, mint with a slight licorice finish.

As CLIX is the first wheat vodka from Buffalo Trace, it’s an excellent start for a distillery with a history of wheat whiskey (Wheaties and Mellow Corn). The finish is slightly sweet but also hints of licorice which can be enhanced with a dash of soda or tonic. However, I recommend drinking this spirit neat or with tonic.

Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka Review:

I need to add some words about Harlan D. Wheatley to this review. Wheatley is very well versed in the art of distilling, and has the experience to bring a new distillation concept to botanical distillation. However more importantly, Wheatley is the first black Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Even the photos on their website neglect to use a black model or even a black bottle. It’s also worth noting that Buffalo Trace Distillery has a history of living history – a fantastic place that has a history of inviting guests to learn the distilling process. The Distillery even has a history of restoring two pre-civil war distilleries on their property.

The master distiller is also the 2nd generation master distiller at Buffalo Trace. CLIX vodka is the product of a long line of experimentation within the distillery. Wheatley has even been quoted to say “If I know what we’re trying to achieve, then I know how to achieve it”.

Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka Review:

(CLIX should be served ice cold)

The finish is slightly sweet and the spirit leaves a fresh minty taste in your mouth.

The white wheat in the vodka gives the spirit a unique taste which is both crisp and clean, with a slight sweetness that goes down easy.

Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka Review:

A great vodka that tastes perfect neat or with tonic, as well as in a variety of mixed drinks.

CLIX is a great all rounder Russian vodka with a smooth and clean taste. The spirit can be served with most mixed drinks such as Vodka Vodka Martinis or even with tonic. I found CLIX was better than Grey Goose vodka and Tito’s Smokeless.

CLIX Vodka is also gluten free, and is made with organic rye, & sweet corn and 100% organic wheat. The vodka is also non-gmo and has a medium body.

Harlan D Wheatley CLIX Vodka Review:

Overall Clix vodka is a great vodka that has more characteristics of a premium vodka and it can be even be compared to Grey Goose and Tito’s.

If I could compare CLIX Vodka to another vodka brand it would have to be Ketel One. If your local bar doesn’t stock CLIX, I suggest asking for it as a Grey Goose alternative.

CLIX Vodka is sold online and in some of the best bars in the world, so make sure to pick up some for yourself.

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