Drink Review: Jameson 18 Year Old

September 27, 2020
2 mins read

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The superlative Jameson 18yo has long been considered one of the brightest stars of the range. This blend of two pot-still whiskeys and a single grain is matured in oloroso sherry casks and finished in bourbon wood for six months for a brilliantly complex pot-still character.

Jameson 18 Year Old:


Family Reserve. Distilled pot still.Grain whiskey. Sherry cask-maturation.


Deep mahogany. No untoward signs of chill-filtering or dissolution. Multi-dimensional lacing atop the glass.


Wood, leather, orange, spices, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, hazelnuts, cocoa, almonds, baked apple, brown sugar, honey, orange blossom, milk chocolate, toffee, old books, mint.


Kirsch, smoky, vanilla, chocolate, spiciness, pepper, slight saltiness, white-chocolate notes, citrus, botanicals, rich, dense and dusky.


Long and sweet.

Jameson 18 Year Old Review 1:

Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve is distilled at Midleton Distillery in the County Cork region in Ireland. The Jameson family began distilling in 1780 and acquired the Midleton Distillery in the 20th century. They are known for their triple-distillation process and high-ester-content Irish whiskey.

The Jameson Distillery operates five pot stills. Historically, Midleton pot still whiskey was triple-distilled; however, Jameson’s current pot-stills are all double-distilled in order to clarify the distillate. Regions of Ireland have traditionally been known for their particular styles of whiskey called pot-stills. The pot still is what is known as a column still is a column called a pot still. The pot still is a single distilling vessel that is comprised of a large pot which is formed into a cylinder with either a false or true bottom, a column still with a condenser.

Jameson 18 Year Old  Review 2:

In 1779, Jameson’s family acquired Midleton Distillery and began distilling in 1780. In the 1960s, the family acquired a second distillery on the edge of the Newmarket Gates. To this day, Jameson continues to be distilled in their Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland. They purchase and deliver barley to the distillery quarterly from a whiskey broker. It is then malted by a maltmaster at the Midleton Distillery.

Jameson has four pot-stills that were originally designed to double-distill Irish whiskey in a triple-distillation process; however, Jameson’s pot stills are now double-distilled in order to clarify the distillate for bottling. Another notable fact is that Ireland’s Triple Distilled is the only Jameson product that remains triple-distilled. The distillery is also home to Ireland’s largest mashbung entitled the Grain Distillery.

Jameson 18 Year Old  Review 3:

Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve takes advantage of Jameson’s mature pot-still stock and age for optimum maturation in ex-bourbon casks, followed by six months’ maturation in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks. The result is a gentle, sweet whiskey with hints of oaky vanilla, orange, and nutmeg.

Jameson has received many international awards for quality. In 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Jameson was the World’s Best-selling Irish Whiskey brand two years in a row and World’s Best-selling Irish blend whiskey three years in a row.

Jameson 18 Year Old  Review 4:

Overall, Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve is a powerful pot still whiskey with a unique flavor. If enjoyed neat, it can have a slight burn from the 60% ABV which may be too intense for many. However, it is highly enjoyable when mixed with water or coffee. At $70 per bottle, it is a high-end whiskey that is well-worth the price. For the price, buy it here.

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