Drink Review: Koval Dry Gin 50cl

October 26, 2020
3 mins read

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This is a small-batch, organic gin from Chicago’s first distillery since Prohibition. A floral and spicy gin that is a great addition to cocktails.

Koval Dry Gin Review:



The Koval Dry Gin has a very deep golden amber colour, and has a very distinct and appealing, yellow-orange hue to it.


On the nose, this gin has a very vibrant and fresh aroma. A very floral nose, with a very powerful and very floral aroma of eucalyptus, with hints of red fruits, and orange zest. The gin does however also have a slightly peppery body to it, which adds a lilting spice note to the nose.


On the palate, this gin is very distinct, thanks to its high ethanol content. This gin hits hard on the palate. The body of this gin is actually quite tannic and warm, and there is a very delicately spiced aftertaste, which is a very smooth and imposing aftertaste. Some terrifically dry potential.

A fantastic gin, especially with winter. The only downside of this gin is that the liquid is so pale in its appearance.

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Koval Dry Gin Review 1:

Appearance: This is a pale, pale gin, whose deep amber colour is offset by the beautiful golden hue of the gin. An attractive and rather deep hue.

Nose: A very dry nose, which is a great thing indeed. With gorgeous aromas of zesty and spicy, but not overly so. With a hint of hoppy bitterness, and a touch of earth, and hay, and lemon. Just the right amount of citrus, and not too much floral.

Taste: Hot and dry. Crisp with a long, satisfying and lingering aftertaste. This definitely is a gin to fall in love with, and which you should have in your bottle rack. With the right cocktail, it’s quite simply, just divine.

Palate:Kovan Dry Gin is a wonderfully dry gin. With a very invigorating zesty nose, and a divinely smooth and bitter-sweet palate. With a dry, crisp after-taste, which lingers on quite impressively and even pleasantly.

Overall Impression

I was very pleasantly surprised at this gin, which I had purchased on a whim. The quality of this gorgeous gin was endearingly impressive and quite delightful. I am very confident that this gin will be a firm favourite amongst many gin drinkers, and I would happily recommend this gin to anyone! I would especially recommend this gin to anyone who enjoys dry gins, which I do.

Even though this gin is a little expensive, it’s a gin that you should definitely try, because it is a fabulous gin, and it is an authentic Chicago gin. With the added bonus that it is a locally-made gin.

Absolutely. The fact that this gin is made in America in an old gin distillery, which has several other spirits to distil, is a bonus. The fact that it is organic is a gorgeous touch. This is a fantastic gin indeed, and I will definitely be buying another bottle of this gin in future.

Hi-Five, Absolutely! I have thoroughly enjoyed my bottle of Koval Dry Gin, and it’s a beautifully, robust gin with a fabulous nose, which is pleasingly dry and zesty. A gin from Chicago, which can be drunk domestically. It is a very good gin for a gin-lover, and is definitely to be recommended.

Great, absolutely beautiful. It is a very nice representation of a dry gin, with a dry and zesty, yet very aromatic, and floral nose.

I have reviewed many gin’s in the past, but this gin is exceptional. The only gripe I have is that it has a little too much ethanol for me, which is tough in its own way. Other than that little drawback, this gin is perfect, and is a gin that I would happily drink. This gin would also make a lovely gift for any gin-lover.

A brilliantly dry gin, which would make the ideal winter piece of gin-cocktail creations, and would be a delight in G&Ts. Deliciously zesty and spicy aromas combine with a dry, and zesty palate. With its floral aromas, this gin is a joy to have in the bottle. I have thoroughly enjoyed having this gin in my cupboard.

Appearance: 9/10

An attractive, deep golden pale gin. The amber hue really does suit the gin.

Nose: 9.5/10

An absolutely beautiful nose, which is a little reminiscent of a root and olivemedley sea bream. Not too much spiciness, but just enough to be noticeable. With a little floral, and zesty, yet dry aroma.

Taste: 9/10

A brilliantly sour, and zesty taste, which leaves a delicately smooth and slightly spicy aftertaste. The taste is very crisp, but is especially elegant. The aftertaste on the palate is quite good, with some delightful lemon and a touch of spice, yet it’s not too sharp and pungent.

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