Drink Review: City of London Dry Gin

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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City of London Gin is produced at the small City of London distillery which opened in November 2012. The distillery is based just off Fleet Street and is the first to open in the City of London in over 200 years. The distillery houses two copper stills which they use for producing their Gin Vodka and opens as a bar in the evenings. A modern London Dry style gin with big grapefruity citrus notes.

City Of London Gin Review:

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Bright grapefruit and lime

PALATE: Grapefruit juice, sweet and perfumed

DELIGHTFUL! This gin is so much fun to drink. With big citrus flavours of grapefruit, lemon and lime supported by hints of white and black tea. It comes through on the palate with a wonderful creamy texture. The grapefruit flavours are so juicy and fresh and really work well with an ice cube.

If you enjoy the more bitter notes of a London Dry Gin, then this is a real find. We preferred this gin on ice rather than in the glass.

City of London Gin review – Tasting Summary In a nutshell 9 IMPORTANT NOTES City of London Gin is an 80 proof unaged gin that is made with white, black and precious toned grapevine by-products. The spirit is made on small copper pot stills before going into the bar.

The gin is a slightly floral toned gin with loads of grapefruit and hint of sweet flowers.

If you like grapefruit and gin, this is one to try. Tasting Notes 8 PROFESSOOOL & EMPHASIS Was surprised at how much fruit was on the nose.

Again some citrus with white and black tea notes.

The spirit is really bright on the palate and has a really creamy texture.

We recommend this gin in a gin martini with either Green Chartreuse or Fever Tree tonic.

City Of London Gin Review 1:

Production Notes City of London Gin is distilled at the City of London Distillery in the heart of the City of London. It is a London Dry style gin.

  • Drinkability 9
  • Price Point 7
  • Gin Experience 10
  • Drinkability 8
  • 80 Proof 7
  • 7.18 Average Score

This gin was enjoyed in the City Of London Bar at The Distillery Tap.

City Of London Gin Review 2:

A new gin has hit the markets with a real punch of grapefruity citrus flavours. It is a gin that has so many positives about it, but also comes with some pretty serious negatives. Let’s get into it.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Bright grapefruit and lime

PALATE: Grapefruit juice, sweet and perfumed, a hint of sea salt.


The base spirit for this gin is fresh grapefruit juice, and the spirit is distilled on small copper pot stills. Add the punch of grapefruit, hell frozen overly ripe citrus and sweet lime and you have a gin that hits you like a tonne of bricks.

The nose is very aromatic, not a lot of pine, but the citrus hits you bang on the nose with grapefruit, lime and lemon. Of course it is a London Dry gin so it is quite perfumed. We really like this gin sipped neat. Some of the gin drinker out there might find that it is too perfumed to drink neat, but it really does make for a good cocktail.

City Of London Gin Review 3:

A slightly bitter London Dry Gin that is warming in the mouth with a strong spiciness that should be toned down.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Bright grapefruit and lime

PALATE: Grapefruit and passionfruit with lemon


This gin has a more subtle nose, but with concentrated grapefruit and a hint of passionfruit as well, that is complemented by the lemon. It is a nice citrus and botanicals combination that is quite refreshing and works really well sipped or in a cocktail with a little tonic.

The core of the gin is made from grapefruit, and with it being in a London Dry style gin the citrus flavours of grapefruit really come through nicely. It is not bitter, and is more complex than some of the other London Dry Gins.

The nose and palate are quite heavily perfumed but again this does work with a London Dry or Gin Martini.

City Of London Gin Review 4:

The first thing you will notice with this gin is that there is no heat. That is not to say that it doesn’t have a strong kick of kick of grapefruity and botanical notes.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Bright grapefruit and lime

PALATE: Bright grapefruit with lemon, a hint of elderflower and passionfruit


You can really smell the elderflower and the passionfruit. We really didn’t find that any other botanicals were present, but the contribution of each are made perfectly clear.

The nosed is really well balanced with citrus and botanicals.

We recommend this gin in a gin martini with fresh lemon juice and a lean olive.

City Of London Gin Review 5:

Is this the London Dry Gin to beat? Is this the right stuff to bring to a gin tasting?

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Bright fruity and driving aromatic.

PALATE: Bright unfiltered grapefruit, elderflowers, rose flowers, subtle floral notes of violets and hints of sugar.


Sipping this gin was a joy. How can you say no to such a beautifully balanced spirit with such intense grapefruit, elderflowers, violets and sugar.

The gin has aromas that are so sweet and so smooth. We recommend this gin in the London Cocktail or a Gin and Tonic.

A gin that is just fantastic on ice. It really adds an amazing sweetness that balances the refreshing spirit.

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