Drink Review: Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

October 26, 2020
3 mins read

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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is made from 100% Scottish-grown barley, peated to 40ppm which is then trickle distilled and combined with pure Islay spring water prior to bottling. An elegant, floral and peaty whisky.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Review:

Gruyere, cashews and peat. A wonderful aroma that reminds me of eating a cornet of Swiss brown in a local Italian joint. Light lemon peels, and spices like nutmeg, curry and cinnamon. It’s got that wonderful Islay peat.

Malt, malt, malt. It’s like a nice bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts. The nutmeg and other spices really come through on the palate along with some orange citrus and honey. The peat is much more prominent.

Long, peaty and full. Honey, citrus peels, nuts, almonds and a bit of creme brûlée.

Attractive, it has those nice central notes and some great sides. It’s medium to full, round and soft.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is a fantastic example of the Islay style that is very defined and yet still unique. It’s very high proof compared to other offerings from Macallan and it shows. But it delivers a beautiful, fresh and elegant dram that’s perfect for sipping or great with a smoked salmon appetizer.

Nose – Rich & fruity with hints of citrus, toffee, poached pear and a fragrant touch of mint.

Taste – Rich and buttery on the palate with a rich malt character, developing into a gentle fruitiness with a touch of vanilla and a spiced touch and finish.

Finish – Long and warm with lingering tastes of poached pear and a slight touch of mint.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley should be given a chance by whisky lovers who are tiring of Islay for its consistently strong and medium bodied nature. It’s well worth a try.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Proof: Matured in re-malt and young spirits stills. Matured in the same hogshead as Port Askaig Islay Port Cask Finish Single Barrel Release


Rich & honey

Nose: Strong and concentrated with peat, vanilla, smoke, wood, citrus and a creamy, fruity peat.


Rich and mature with a oily texture, vanilla, peat and wood smoke.

Finish: Long and strong with lingering tastes of salt and yeast and hints of vanilla and wood smoke.

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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Review 1:

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is one the more interesting brands that Islay distilleries have created. It’s distilled from 100% Scottish barley, and it uses a subtle hybrid grain of barley, malt and buckwheat. Then it’s matured in Islay casks which have previously been used to finish other Islay products. The casks used are believed to have been re-used from oak casks used to mature two existing single malts – Octomore and Laphroaig, which are the cask type used in the Port Charlotte and Port Askaig Islay Ports.

Nose: Rich and meaty with a fragrant peat and nutty note. Fresh lime and seaweed and the same ginger notes that one finds in the Pyrland’s Virgin Oak. Fruit with hints of apricots and citrus.

Palate: This whisky is fairly fresh and fizzy with light hints of peat and vanilla leading to a citrus phenols finish.

Finish: This whisky is fairly medium, with notes of citrus and woody peat.

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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Review 2:

Nose: Fruit laden and very fruity. Lemon and mangos. Wet stones. Honey and lime. Lemon zest. A slight drying effect amongst the soft fruit and toffee.

Palate: Quite warm and buttery up front. Layered with a variety of fruits and nuts. Honey. Maple syrup and a spicy note.

Finish: Long and lovely with notes of candied fruit, smoked butter and rich malty peat.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Tasting Notes


Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – Sweet, fruity, rich, bready

Pyrland’s Virgin Oak Finish – Very subtle and restrained, with a colourful and fresh fruitiness

Nose: Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – Very strong, oily, a touch sweet, smoky, slightly medicinal, fruity and plenty of wood.


Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – Strong, oily, smoky, oily, nutty

Full, buttery, sweet, nutty, woody, oily

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Review 3:

Nose: Fresh and fruity, with a touch of peat, honey and malt.

Taste: Sweet and fruity with some peppery spice and a hint of hardwood smoke. The oak influence is again evident here, but this whisky is far more in terms of style. Floral, and powerfully peaty, with plenty of vanilla and citrus.

Finish: Long and peaty with some wood influence but again, more on the style than the whisky itself. The notes of vanilla, citrus and malt linger and linger, although it sat a little heavy for me at the end.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Review 4:


Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – Floral, with peat and wood smoke

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley – nice fruity nose with a hint of peat

This whisky wasn’t right in my opinion, it was very sweet and syrupy with little flavour.

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