Drink Review: Tovaritch Russian Vodka

September 27, 2020
2 mins read

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Tovaritch is a Russian Vodka made with locally sourced rye and wheat and water from an underground well. Filtered through sand, this is clean and fresh with a bready note.

Tovaritch Russian Vodka:

How to Drink Tovaritch?

Tovaritch is the best vodka to drink neat or in a cocktail that can take the astringency of a wheat-heavy vodka.

Tovaritch Vodka Drinks:

Even though Tovaritch has some bite, it should still be considered the vodka for those who avoid vodka.

Tovaritch Vodka Cocktails:

There are two cocktails that stand out with Tovaritch, the first being a Martini Riserva which works well with almost any vodka. The second is a Queens Park Swizzle which could be the ultimate Seattle summer cocktail.

Tovaritch Russian Vodka Review 1:

Tovaritch is the first vodka made with grain grown in the United States. This is following in the footsteps of many other countries that make vodka.

What makes Tovaritch different is that it is potato-free. When all grain vodka is starting to saturate the American markets, there is a solid reason to ensure that vodka is not the same as potato vodka.

Tovaritch Vodka’s claim to fame is small batch vodka made with locally sourced grain marketed as being soft enough to drink neat and strong enough for a martini on the rocks.

Tovaritch Vodka’s mission is to not be too sweet or too harsh. It is a vodka for when you want vodka, but don’t want to drink vodka.

Tovaritch’s goal is to change the perception of vodka while honoring its heritage.

Tovaritch Russian Vodka Review 2:

The Tovaritch Vodka Experience – Drinks to Go

Tovaritch Vodka is not difficult to identify. It’s tall, slender, and yellow with a green cap. There are no designer vodkas to speak of, no splashy labels, and on the bottle there is a lot of Russian script. One pretty much knows what they are getting.

Tovaritch Vodka has bright aromas of grain and wheat and some mineral notes. The palate is creamy with soft wheat and barley grains, a touch of citrus, and a hint of slate. This is an even and gracious grain vodka that inspires an appreciation for vodka.

Tovaritch has a spirit nose that is wildflower, slate, and lanolin. The palate has a nice attack, but it is very soft and warm. The finish is short and only hints at the wild nature of certain vodkas.

Best Vodka Drinks / Cocktails: Tovaritch

It is difficult to find a vodka that is compatible with a decent mix, one that doesn’t overwhelm a drink and round out a cocktail. Tovaritch may not be my favorite vodka, but the fact it is offered in a fine and interesting product makes it a no-brainer for cocktails.

Tovaritch Vodka has a heavy presence in Seattle bars. It is one of the most popular vodkas in the Northwest and has been selected by bars for its agreeable character.

Tovaritch Russian Vodka Review 3:

Carpano and brown spirits makes for a warm and interesting Martini that has an herbal grassiness from the bourbon and an almost chocolatey note from the Carpano. A nice variation on a Martini, this is one of the rare vodkas that one can put in their signature Martini that will not clash with the gin, which makes for a much more interesting drink.

Dry shake, then add ice and shake again. Pour over large cubes into a tall glass, fill with crushed ice, then add a straw.

This is a basic swizzle that is served tall, powerful, and nice with its herbal complex flavors and wonderful balance. The floral flavors from the elderflower and gin shine, but are nicely cradle by the vodka. The finish is short.

Tovaritch Vodka is a vodka for those who don’t like vodkas. It is an interesting cocktail base and is soft, but strong enough on its own. This would not be the vodka I would choose to drink neat, but in a cocktail, this is the perfect fit.

Tovaritch Vodka has a huge responsibility on its shoulders; it needs to get people like me to drink vodka–and it does this quite well.

As a surfeit of all grain vodka becomes available, there will be tough competition, but Tovaritch has a lot going for it and will have a solid place in the vodka market for quite a while.

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