Exploring Austin’s Craft Beer Kingdom: Spotlight on Innovative Texas Breweries

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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The bustling city of Austin, Texas is not just known for its vibrant live music and esteemed universities. It’s also a shining hotspot for craft beer enthusiasts, putting the city on the map as a thriving hub for breweries and companies dedicated to the craft beer industry. From craft distilleries to mobile canning services to novel beverage creators, Austin is a city peppered with unique offerings for the discerning beer connoisseur. Each company has its own take in the craft beer industry, producing unique flavors and experiences worth exploring. This online tour will take you through a series of exceptional companies whose headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

Each company is not only redefining the landscape of the local craft beer industry, but they are also contributing to Austin’s economic growth and diversification. The innovative brewmasters in these establishments utilize unique brewing techniques married with traditional principles, creating distinct and enjoyable beer experiences. As we spotlight these companies, note their commitment to quality and passion for what they do, making Austin a haven for craft beer enthusiasts.

So, whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or a newbie starting to delve into the craft beer scene, these Austin companies are worth checking out.


Launched in 2019 by founders Aimy Steadman, Brad Schultz, and Justin Fenchel, Future/Proof is a company establishing beverage brands for the millennial demographic. Aside from craft beer, they also venture into other food and beverage industries, as well as brand marketing and personal branding. Future/Proof is all about creating brands that the new generation would love and enjoy. Connect with them through their LinkedIn account and stay updated through their Twitter page @futureprfbrands.

Bouldin Creek Holdings

A craft distillery that produces a variety of spirits, Bouldin Creek is another key player in the craft beer industry. They have been successful in adding unique twists to classic craft beer selections and are constantly pushing boundaries to provide the best experience for their patrons. Follow them on their social media channels for updates.


Co-founded by Patrick Dean and Paul Oveisi, Cosmic is not just a place to enjoy craft cocktails and beers. It’s an ecological haven that embodies the principles of permaculture. Beyond their impressive beverage offerings, they also host a range of food trucks, providing a well-rounded epicurean experience. You can also be part of their community by following them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

American Canning

American Canning, founded by David C. Racino and Mike Daniel, offers a solution for beverage manufacturers that lack retail packaging capabilities. They specialize in beer canning, helping their clients focus on their main passion — making beverages. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for more details.

Shotgun Seltzer

From the creative minds of founders Brad Foster, Bradley Foster, and Lori Foster, Shotgun Seltzer presents a unique and crisp take on classic cocktails. This company focuses on giving a refreshing new look to traditional concoctions. Connect with Shotgun Seltzer through their Facebook page for updates and the latest concoctions.

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