Exploring Budapest’s Innovators: Unveiling Hungary’s Food and Beverage Giants

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Welcome to another installment of our series, featuring incredible Food and Beverage companies whose headquarters are right here in Budapest, Hungary. These major players are making waves not only in our city but across the globe. The rise of e-commerce, creative catering solutions, and unique product services are all helping to change the Food and Beverage industry as we know it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the profiles of these dynamic businesses.

Sweet City

Sweet City is a specialized e-commerce platform servicing people celebrating important events. Their innovative delivery system brings high-quality sweets and associated products right to your doorstep. Rather than juggle multiple suppliers and delivery services, Sweet City offers a one-stop-shop for your party needs. Their custom-made platform is perfect for organizing an unforgettable celebration, and you can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Ordit Food Delivery & Catering

Ordit is an innovative platform catering mainly for companies and their employees. Providing a convenient ordering system, Ordit gives access to a myriad of restaurants according to the company’s set budget. This system saves time, cost, and administrative work. You can check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Adalékmentesen Kft

Adalékmentesen Kft is a key supplier of dairy products in the market today. Their user-friendly online shop provides an easy way to stock up on food, dairy products, and sugar supplies. They also provide an online inquiry form on their Facebook for customer convenience.

Ice Shot

Ice Shot revolutionizes the traditional ice cream with their alcoholic ice creams. Using a unique process that enhances the freezing point of non-freezing or hard-to-drink alcohols, they create creamy, flavorful, and alcoholic ice cream. For those preferring to stay sober, Ice Shot also offers non-alcoholic ice cream options.


Qlife operates at the intersection of the food and beverage, healthcare, and wine and spirits industries. For more information, check out their website and Facebook page.


KitchenBox is an online platform that provides users with a range of weekly illustrated recipes. Additionally, the platform allows users to order ingredients for these recipes and have them delivered right to their doorstep. You can follow KitchenBox on Twitter and Facebook.

NetPincér hu

NetPincér hu offers an extensive range of food services, from classic Hungarian cuisine to exotic Far Eastern dishes. Their catering service is second to none, and they double-check all orders to prevent errors and ensure customer satisfaction. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Zimbo specializes in the production and processing of meat products and sausages, making the company a go-to for those in search of quality meats.

Amway Hungaria

Amway Hungaria is a versatile company offering beauty products, food and beverages, and healthcare services. Their expansive e-commerce platform ensures customers have access to their wide range of products. Find out more on their Twitter profile.


Max-Immun operates within the dietary supplements, food and beverage, and home healthcare sectors. Visit their website for more detailed company information.

Budapest Bortársaság

For the wine lovers, Budapest Bortársaság offers an array of fine wines and spirits. You can check out their collection on their website and follow them on Facebook for updates.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about these remarkable Budapest-based companies. Stay tuned for more highlights in our series, where we’ll continue to explore the dynamic and diverse world of the Food and Beverage industry.


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