Savoring Sao Paulo: Exploring Toast Fried’s Innovative Brazilian Restaurant Scene

January 30, 2024
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São Paulo, Brazil, a globally recognized gastronomical hub, is home to some of the most innovative and groundbreaking startups in the restaurant industry. Fueled by the passionate food culture of Brazil, these companies are making significant strides in integrating technology into various aspects of the restaurant industry. From food delivery to restaurant management, these game-changing startups are revolutionizing the way we enjoy our meals.

One cannot understate the importance of these companies in shaping the future landscape of restaurant operations. Given the global trend towards digitization and the rapid growth of online food delivery, these startups are a timely response to the industry’s demand for innovation.

This article provides an overview of some of these companies, detailing their areas of focus, their unique value proposition, and the key people behind their success.

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Liv Up

Founded by Henrique Castellani, Marcelo Canovas, Raphael Straatmann, and Victor Santos, Liv Up is not just any food delivery service – it’s a direct to consumer food brand that delivers healthy and convenient meals. Partnering with local producers in Brazil, Liv Up delivers tasteful meals made from the freshest, natural ingredients using top-notch tech and constantly optimizing processes. Linkedin | Facebook | @livupoficial


Zak, founded by Andrés Andrade and David Grandes, is a digital restaurant platform aiming to economically empower restaurants. Providing a zero cost All-in-One management platform, Zak offers a range of services from POS to back office operations. A potent force in the Sao Paulo food service market, Zak merges complete management platform integration with financial services. Linkedin | Facebook

FLOKI Technologies

FLOKI Technologies, founded by Luigi Uliana Rodrigues and Marcelo Lapa Espiga, offers a plug-and-play solution for bringing the procurement operations of fragmented industries into the age of AI. Focused on improving the procurement process of food retailers, FLOKI provides resources, technology and bargaining power primarily to bars, restaurants, and Dark Kitchen and Dark Stores. Linkedin | Instagram

And so on until you reach the word limit with the remaining companies.
Make sure you try to make the company name as a URL (If it’s not and the platform doesn’t allow it, add “Website: “)
Use the social media tags as appropriate.
Also, try to stick some adjectives / positive phrasing around the companies relation to Sao Paulo and the industry they’re in.


“Zak, a thriving company at the heart of Sao Paulo’s booming digital restaurant platform scene,”

“Floki Technologies, a pioneer in Sao Paulo’s burgeoning AI market,” etc.

Remember this is for an international audience who might not know how important these companies are for the local Sao Paulo scene.

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