Exploring Rome’s Top Food and Beverage Industry Pioneers: A Toast Fried Feature

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Often associated with captivating art, timeless fashion, and mouth-watering delicacies, Rome is the thriving heart of Italy. It’s not just the historical significance and the vibrant culture that makes the city standout but also Rome’s burgeoning food and beverage industry. Home to numerous innovative companies that are bringing distinctive flair to the culinary world, Rome is constantly redefining palimony of flavours. In this article, we will explore some of the intriguing companies based in Rome, dedicated to fueling the appetite of food enthusiasts worldwide.

From tech-driven startups focusing on streamlining agriculture to traditional firms revolutionizing popular Italian dishes, Rome’s food industry continues to rapidly progress. These companies, often dubbed as culinary revolutionaries, aren’t merely focused on tickling our taste buds but also on promoting health, sustainability, and technological advancement. Let’s dive into the ocean of flavors and explore some of these influential companies refining the food and beverage industry.

The companies discussed below bring to the table a fascinating mix of innovation, authenticity, and creative fusion. Whether in aquaculture, dessert innovation, or food delivery, these organizations undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping Rome’s food and beverage industry.

Ittinsect – Feed for the Ocean

Founded by Alessandro Romano, Ittinsect is a unique startup specializing in the production of sustainable aquaculture feed. The company utilizes advanced microbiological processes replicating nature’s nutrient recycling, with ingredients like insects and microalgae at its core. Learn more about this innovative company.


Created by Emanuele Bianconi, SQUP is a remarkable and valuable addition to Rome’s burgeoning food industry. They offer tasty gelatos that not only have reduced sugar and calorie content but also stand out with their plant-based and gluten-free nature. Explore the world of SQUP here.


Under the leadership of Diego Pelle, Direttoo.it has emerged as a ground-breaking digital platform dedicated to harmonizing business relations between producers and restaurateurs. It is leading the digital transformation in the agribusiness supply chain.Interested in Direttoo.it?

Prima Industries Srl

Brought to the limelight by Silvio Alberti, Prima Industries operates as an innovative holding company with a strong focus on technology and design. Discover more about Prima Industries Srl.

Al.ta Cucina

Founder Simone Mascagni aims to create the world’s largest community of Italian cuisine fans through Al.ta.Cucina. Their short and accessible recipe videos have already drawn a massive following.Learn all about Al.ta Cucina here.


Miomeal caters to users looking for healthy, tailored meals delivered at home. From vegan dishes to gluten-free options, this Rome-based company ensures your dietary needs are well catered to. Visit Miomeal’s profile.


Thanks to founders Muad Akkari and Rami Salhi, Kytchen is making cooking more organized and efficient with its innovative workstations. Get to know more about Kytchen.

Cementir Holding

Cementir Holding stands out as a versatile multinational that deals in a wide array of sectors, including food and beverage. Discover how this company keeps pushing boundaries in the industry.

Pastella Food Lab srl

Pastella Food Lab SRL is a unique startup that combines technology and design with social inclusion and glocal growth. With varied ventures, they are positioned to redefine the industry.

Ami Poker

With co-founders Alessandro De Crescenzo and Riccardo Bellini steering the ship, Ami Poker brings the poke experience to your doorstep. This e-commerce based food and beverage firm offers a wide variety of meals from wraps to smoothie bowls.Find out more about Ami Poker.

Club Spagnolo – Italia

Launched in 2022, Club Spagnolo – Italia is an e-commerce venture devoted to delivering premium Spanish food products, wines & liquors to Italian customers. Managed by the Spanish-based company Fevech Gourmet eVentures S.L., they bring a taste of Spain to Italy.

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