Unveiling Top Organic Food Companies Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA

January 30, 2024
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In the heartbeat of Los Angeles, California, a movement of organic and sustainable dining is culminating. The epicenter of this green renaissance contains a myriad of innovative companies, all striving to redefine the boundaries of nutrition and wellness within the food industry. These trailblazers, ranging from snack manufacturers to tech-oriented food establishments, are reshaping consumers’ perceptions of what it means to eat healthy, thereby promoting a more sustainable world.

Focused primarily on organic food, these LA-based companies are not only contributing to the local business ecosystem but are also pushing the boundaries globally. The companies have distinct goals and visions that, when combined, form a formidable force in promoting healthier and greener alternatives in the food and beverage industry. In this article, we aim to spotlight some of the companies impacting the organic food sector in Los Angeles.

Touching on their backgrounds, vision, products, and founders, we endeavor to provide a comprehensive overview of these pioneers. So, let us take a journey and meet the companies changing the organic food industry from sunny LA!


Hippeas is revolutionizing snacking ‘one chickpea at a time.’ Helmed by Livio Bisterzo, the company debuted in June 2016 with their unique range of organic chickpea puffs. Pioneered by Green Park Brands, a new food innovation company in the thriving Health and Nutrition industry, Hippeas looks to inspire cultural change with its impressive brand story and health credentials.
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Better Brand

Better Brand, a food tech startup led by Aimee Yang, sets the bar high in the multi-trillion-dollar refined carb industry. Using proprietary formulations and tech-enabled processes, alongside real, clean ingredients, the company aims to innovate the way we consume carbs.


Founded by Mark Fachler and Monica Klausner, Veestro is marrying gourmet dining with convenience. The e-commerce platform delivers delicious, organic and prepared meals direct to your door anywhere in the US. With no more worries about shopping, chopping, cooking, or cleaning, you can indulge guilt-free.
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ettitude, an innovative sustainable lifestyle brand founded by Kat Dey and Phoebe Yu, is making the world a more comfortable place. With modern bedding, bath, and sleepwear products made from the world’s first CleanBamboo fabric, they are committed to offering products that are not only luxurious but eco-friendly.
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Koia, a food and beverage company co-founded by Chris Fanucchi, Christopher Hunter, Dustin Baker, and Maya French, provides all-natural plant-based protein drinks. Their mission is to empower people through plants with their wide range of flavors packed with 15-19g of plant-based protein and under 5g of sugar.
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Tea Drops

Los Angeles-based, woman-owned Tea Drops are innovating the way we drink tea. Led by Sashee Chandran, Tea Drops dissolve in your cup and are USDA organic, GMO-free, and Gluten-Free, without traditional tea bags.
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Mozza founded by Adam Tarshis, aims to disrupt the cheese-making industry by developing the science to create real dairy cheese from plants, indistinguishable from animal-produced cheese.
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4th & Heart

Founded by Raquel Tavares, 4th & Heart is an artisan producer of organic ghee, or clarified butter. With incredible flavor and health benefits, they are introducing this untapped culinary treasure to mainstream American diets.
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Spero Foods

Spero Foods, led by Phaedra Randolph, converts seeds into plant-based dairy products with the help of clean technology. Their products mirror the textures, flavors, and traceability of comparable market cheeses at competitive prices with clean ingredients.
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Yumi, under the stewardship of Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusli, seeks to demystify baby food. The science-based early childhood meal delivery program is the most convenient and nutritional option for parents in the market.
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Misha’s Kind Foods

Misha’s Kind Foods, co-founded by Aaron Bullock and Ian Martin, is a plant-based food and lifestyle brand that produces non-dairy spreadable cheese using a cashew and almond milk base, blended with fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices.
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