Exploring Santa Rosa’s Pioneering Influence in Food and Beverage Industry

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Welcome to ToastFried, where we are spotlighting companies operating in the Food and Beverage industry headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. This vibrant city nestled in America’s Wine country features an array of innovative and established companies, each offering unique products and experiences in the world of food and drink. From wineries to restaurant supply, craft coffee roasters to fermentation masters, and from brewers to wholesalers – these companies are adding flavor to California and across the globe.

This article is part of a series dedicated to exploring Santa Rosa’s culinary contribution to the world. In each section, you’ll learn about the company’s background, their operations, their specialty, and, importantly, their place in the Santa Rosa food and brewing scene. We’ve also included links to their websites for those who wish to learn more about these incredible companies. Let’s embark on this culinary journey.

We’re going to give you an insider’s look into these companies, many of which started as small, family-owned businesses and have since grown into leading figures in their respective industries. They’ve harnessed the unique atmosphere and resources of Santa Rosa and created products that have captured the taste buds of consumers worldwide.

Vintage Wine Estates

The founders, Leslie Rudd and Pat Roney, established the Vintage Wine Estates as a privately held wine company. They own a collection of winery estates and brands, each one distinct and unique yet united under the Vintage Wine Estates name. Their collection includes renowned brands like Clos Pegase Winery, Cosentino Winery, Girard Winery, and many others. The company’s rich wine heritage can be explored further on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Wine Hooligans

Founded by Dennis Carroll and Lita Carroll, Wine Hooligans is in the business of bringing artisan wines crafted by passionate winemakers and viticulturists to the market. Established in 2013, they believe in offering authentic, delightful wines that reflect their passion for the craft. You can connect with Wine Hooligans on their LinkedIn page.

Regal Wine Company

With its founders Barbara R Banke and Jess Jackson, the Regal Wine Company adds to Santa Rosa’s reputation as the home of excellent wine companies. Explore more about Regal Wine Company and stay in touch with their updates on their Facebook page.

Power Industries

As an industry titan in its own right, Power Industries shows that Santa Rosa’s culinary scene goes beyond the food and beverages themselves, with a place for companies in manufacturing and construction providing vital services to the industry.

Loring Smart Roast

Loring Smart Roast brings an aspect of coffee innovation to Santa Rosa’s culinary scene. Known to offer a coffee roasting experience like no other, their roasters provide unprecedented quality, efficiency, and control. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates and information.

Russian River Brewing

Russian River Brewing is a proud beverage contributor to Santa Rosa. From their brewery, they create refreshing and creative beers that have attracted a faithful following. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information and updates.


The team at Wildbrine explores the world of fermentation, creating innovative and nutritious fermented products for consumers. With organic ingredients and an intense commitment to the creation process, WildBrine crafts exciting, flavorful products for even the most adventurous palate. Stay updated on their products on their Facebook page.

Redwood Empire Food Bank

Santa Rosa’s food scene has a giving side at the Redwood Empire Food Bank. This non-profit organization has been distributing food and leading the community to end hunger. They serve their community through various initiatives and share more about their work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

A hallmark of Santa Rosa, the St. Francis Winery & Vineyards share an essential part of the city’s winemaking legacy. To discover their offerings or follow their latest updates, connect on their Facebook page.

Myers Restaurant Supply

Myers Restaurant Supply provides important service and products in Santa Rosa’s burgeoning food scene. For additional information and updates, follow them on their Facebook page.


Completing our list is VinoPRO, a company dedicated to helping wineries expand their direct-to-customer sales. Using advanced telemarketing tools, wineries can focus on delivering the ultimate wine experience while VinoPRO manages the sales aspect. For more about their operation and updates, follow them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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