How To Cater Weddings Using Your Food Truck

July 13, 2022
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How To Cater Weddings Using Your Food Truck

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The food truck catering trend has become increasingly popular for weddings. This trend has also opened the door for food truck owners to expand their clientele. If you’ve recently been hired to cater a wedding, it’s important to learn how to use your food truck to provide a flavorful experience for the big day. Discover how to cater weddings using your food truck and ensure your catering services stand out to land future gigs in the wedding industry.

Host Food Tastings

Coordinate a food tasting session with the engaged couple to determine which dishes they prefer for the reception. The session also gives you an opportunity to adjust your food truck menu and build rapport with your clients.

Prepare for All Weather Conditions

Monitor the weather conditions in the days leading up to the wedding. Ask the venue owners what their protocols are for food trucks during inclement weather. For example, the venue may require you to arrive before the ceremony to set up tents around your food truck for guests.

Know the Guest Count

When discussing the quote with your client, you’ll likely receive an estimated guest count. Be mindful of this number as it’s likely to change between invitations being sent out and the big day itself. Clear communication with your clients will provide ample time to purchase the appropriate amount of ingredients for your food truck.

Use Strategic Parking

Knowing how to effectively transport food to a catering event includes where you station your food truck. Your parking situation will depend on the wedding venue and the preference of the couple—take a trip to the venue in advance to find the best place to station your services.

Document the Event

Learning how to cater weddings using your food truck also means using the right marketing tools to promote your food truck. Take time before the ceremony to photograph the food truck setup, the decorations used, and the type of menu provided to develop your social media presence.

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