How To Pack Your Kitchen Knives for Travel

May 25, 2021
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How To Pack Your Kitchen Knives for Travel

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When you are traveling or moving, it’s important to know how to pack your kitchen knives to prevent damage and allow for safe handling. While knives may seem strong, they can easily sustain chips, scratches, and breaks during your travels. The tips below will teach you how to pack your kitchen knives for travel.

Use the Cutlery Box

If you have a cutlery box for your larger knives, then you can easily pack them all together. Just leave the knives in the cutlery box, use packing paper to secure them, and then wrap the entire box in bubble wrap to prevent damage. If you prefer, you can also wrap the box in packing paper, but bubble wrap is usually easier and more effective. Click here to buy Damascus steel knives.

Wrap Individually

Another tip to remember while learning how to pack your kitchen knives for travel is to wrap larger knives individually if you don’t have a cutlery box. It may be tempting to place them all in a box together, but if you don’t individually wrap the knives, then they can scratch, chip, and damage each other. When wrapping the knives, be sure to use at least three layers of packing paper to cover the entire knife, not just the blade.

Pack With Bubble Wrap and Towels

After wrapping the knives individually, either place them securely in a box or package them together with bubble wrap, towels, or even old clothes. You want to make sure that the knives are unable to move to prevent any chipping or dulling of the blade. It is very important to use a sharp knife in the kitchen because a dull knife can easily slip or prevent you from making clean and quick cuts.

Remember Safety Procedures

Even though it may seem obvious, remember to label the box or packaging around your knives. With all the distractions from traveling or moving, you may forget how and where you packed certain items, especially the smaller ones like knives. For everyone’s safety, label the knives’ packaging with permanent marker and double-check to make sure all the blades are secure.

For the next time you travel or move, remember these tips to transport your knives safely and efficiently to their new destination.

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