How To Start a Kombucha Beverage Business

April 5, 2021
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How To Start a Kombucha Beverage Business

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Right now, kombucha is a hot item. As a healthy alternative to sugar-loaded carbonated drinks and as a probiotic supplement, it’s no wonder health-conscious people love it. What’s more, kombucha is surprisingly easy to make and requires tending a very low maintenance bacteria colony known as a scoby. In other words, how to start a kombucha beverage business is less of a hassle than people may realize.

The Very Basics of Business

Sadly, kombucha does no fall within cottage food laws. In other words, this business will require a bit of research and shuffling of paperwork to get moving. You’ll need to register your business, set up a business account, and obtain a tax ID as with most new ventures. Additionally, because kombucha has many hands-on steps, you’ll need to certify your kitchen or secure access to one that’s already certified.

Finally, it’s important to stay within the legal limits of where you live. While safe to drink, kombucha is fermented and can have as high as 3% alcohol. While it’s not enough to experience side effects or be considered alcoholic, it’s enough to get buried in red tape. Check out what your local law says about who can and how to begin selling kombucha.

Must-Have Supplies

To run any successful business, it’s essential to gather the best tools. As an ancient brewing art, kombucha has few special requirements. While you may investigate means to scale up and produce larger batches, it’s not likely necessary at first. A small batch is a major selling point in specialty goods, after all. First, you’ll need a large glass jar to store your scoby.

A selection of sturdy locking top glass bottles will be needed for the final fermenting stage. Brewing kombucha consistently also requires a surplus of tea, water, sugar, and various other ingredients if you plan on making different flavors. Lastly, you’ll need a consistent flow of glass bottles to sell the final product.

Marketing and Branding

How to start a kombucha beverage business, like any other business, begins and ends with marketing. You’ll need to create a personality for your brand that will help it stand out. Included in this idea should be design elements that will ultimately find their way onto the labeling of your product. Decide who you’re marketing to and start creating content that spreads the awareness to your target audience.

For the most part, people are familiar with kombucha and many are avid fans, so you won’t need to waste time explaining what it is. Instead, focus on what makes your brand of kombucha so special and worthwhile.

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