Most Popular Japanese Food You Must Try

December 28, 2020
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Most Popular Japanese Food You Must Try

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Japan is an Asian country of islands whose food is deeply embedded in their culture and varied geography. Did you know that their capital city of Tokyo has more five-star Michelin restaurants than any other city in the world? This fact reveals a lot about their culinary customs, and even more about the diverse range of their cuisine. The most popular food is delectable, delightful, and artistically made by highly skilled chefs. Without further ado, here is a list of the most popular Japanese food you must try.

Seafood: Sushi

Yes, yes, yes. Sushi is certainly a popular dish that people have loved around the world for decades now, and is undoubtedly the most famous food in Japan. Raw foods in Japan are frequently correlated with the finest quality and most premier taste. This delicacy varies greatly depending on the unique qualities of authentic sushi shops, but the main component is a small bed of warmed vinegar rice. Single slices of raw seafood such as crab, eel, salmon, shrimp, squid, or tuna are placed on top and then rolled up with pieces of seaweed. Sushi-making is true art.

Noodles: Ramen

Several traditional noodle varieties are eaten in Japan regularly. However, ramen may be the most well-known staple and go-to noodle dish. Many Western restaurants serve a version of this popular dish, which can be considered the soul of Japanese cuisine. With warm soup broth and a choice of toppings such as vegetables, fresh seafood, seaweed, pork belly, and fish cakes, this hearty noodle meal can come in traditional flavors with soy sauce or miso or with a twist from an array of different Ramen shops.

Dessert: Mochi

One of the most popular Japanese food you must try is a luscious little creamy dessert named Mochi. Mochi is made out of water and a sticky rice grain called mochigome, which is formed into a soft sphere. This rice ball traditionally is wrapped around ice cream or assorted toppings or specialty flavored for celebrations. Mochi is a pillowy-soft, wonderfully bite-sized, and sweetened to perfection.

Beef: Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is Japan’s most iconic beef dish. This dish is a hotpot dish ideal for the cold days of winter, in which thin, delicate slices of meat are put into a hot pot with a variety of broths, noodles, and toppings. Sukiyaki translates literally to “eat what you like.” The true pleasure of this dish is the variation that is produced from its dining participants, who can add whatever ingredients they desire to the pot to be enjoyed together. Don’t discount the splendor taste of the wagyu beef either.

Wagyu beef is a treasured beef these days. Learning about the history of Japanese wagyu beef is something all people curious about Japanese cuisine should do. This beef is highly popular for its intense, high marbling, tender texture, and its most savory mouth-watering flavor. No matter which Japanese food you try, whether it’s at an authentic restaurant here or someday across the ocean, you should expect a full-bodied experience of wonder and flavor.

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