Must-Have Tools for Brewing Tea

March 3, 2021
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Must-Have Tools for Brewing Tea

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Brewing loose-leaf tea is relatively easy, but the more care and precision you use, the tastier the final result will be. To make the perfect cup, you’ll need the help of some essential brewing tools. When we say “tools,” we don’t mean hammers, screwdrivers, and so forth. These are three must-have tools for brewing tea to its full potential. You might also hear some of these items commonly referred to as “teaware.”

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Infusers are essentially baskets to place tea leaves in before steeping them in hot water. In other words, infusers are reusable metal tea bags for loose-leaf. This tool allows you to steep the teas in water without letting any loose-leaf fall into the cup. Suffice it to say, sips of tea containing a handful of leaves aren’t ideal or pleasant. With a high-quality infuser, you can ensure each cup delivers a smooth, clean tea-drinking experience.

Electric Kettle

The best way to boil water for steeping tea is with an electric kettle. A quality electric kettle is a reliable way to heat water, especially if it has a temperature control option. Temperature control is so important because you shouldn’t simply boil water before infusing the tea leaves. Different teas brew better at different temperatures. For example, heating water until it reaches 180–190 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for oolong, but your water should be closer to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for black tea.

Storage Tins

Speaking from experience, if you dip your toe into the loose-leaf tea waters, you might find yourself buying all different types of oolong tea, white tea, and other blends to try. Before you know it, you’ll have tea packages piling up on the kitchen counter or in the cupboard. Luckily, tea tins are a common form of storage for loose-leaf.

A good tea tin keeps your leaves fresh by preventing exposure to light, moisture, and other damaging elements. Plus, a nice set of tea tins are a more attractive addition to the kitchen than half-filled, rolled-up bags of slightly stale leaves.

Now that you’re familiar with the top three must-have tools for brewing tea, you can use them to create the perfect tea-drinking experience. In addition to the right teaware, be sure to research the best brewing temperatures and times for the type of tea you’re making. That way, you can almost guarantee a delicious cup every time. Of course, even with the right equipment and knowledge, you need quality loose-leaf to brew a great cup of tea. Luckily, curious consumers can easily find a wide range of blends, such as loose-leaf oolong tea, online from reliable suppliers.

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