Reviews of the Mrs Balls Chutney from Customers

August 28, 2020
2 mins read

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Mrs Balls Chutney Details:

Mrs H S Balls Original Recipe Chutney is a delicious condiment boasting a perfect blend of sweetness and spice. It is delicious with curries, salads and sandwiches, and makes a great addition to any cheeseboard.

This tasty chutney is considered one of the most iconic tastes of South Africa. It is made using an original recipe that dates back as far as 1870!

Most popular with customers in Italy, France, United States of America (USA), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria (Republic) and Japan, but you can buy Mrs H S Balls Original Recipe Chutney for delivery worldwide.

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Mrs Balls Chutney Review:

Reviewer: John Beatson from High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Have tried this chutney on everything from cold meats (as others do) to hot curries (as I do) and it works with all – a must have in the larder. My wife likes it too, not least because of the ‘thumbs up’ from the neighbours when we put it on a cheese board – lots of comments about ‘rabbit sandwiches’… Not many chutneys do that for you!

Reviewer: Bernadett Schellhuber from Linz, Upper Austria

I am a South African living in Europe and this is the only South African Chutney I can buy in supermarkets here! I love it, it tastes great with cold meats, pizzas, on sandwiches, etc. Well done Mrs Balls!

Reviewer: Mike Walsh from Manchester, United Kingdom

Absolutely adore this stuff. Expensive but worth it. Used it with cheese and crackers and it’s unbelievably delicious. Bought a whole host of South African foods when visiting Cape Town but ran out of money and that was the only thing I had to leave behind!

Reviewer: Karen from Eastern Cape, South Africa

Love this chutney! Great for cold meat, in sandwiches and even on toasties it’s delicious.

Reviewer: Danielle from London, United Kingdom

I use this in curry’s, with cheese and on cold meat (although I prefer it with cheese). It is very sweet so a little goes a long way. Also would be happy with this as a gift.

Reviewer: Charles Reynolds from Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Delicious with cold meat. I also enjoy it in Bloody Mary’s, so two things rolled into one! A very handy gift and very tasty.

Reviewer: Barry Blampied from Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom

Enjoyed it on a cheese board and with cold meat. Can’t wait to try it with a curry with rice. Very nice and a good presentation in the stylish Jar.

Reviewer: Mel from Surrey, United Kingdom

What a wonderful chunky chutney, lovely flavour and works on pretty much everything I like it with cheese and crackers, and I like it with curries as well. Seems expensive but it will last a good long while so it isn’t.

Reviewer: Gareth Huw Davies from Doncaster, United Kingdom

I use this chutney on a variety of cold meat and cheeses and it goes well with both. I found it initially expensive for a small jar, but in the long run it’s worth every penny.

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