Savoring Distrito Federal: Spotlight on Mexico City’s Food and Beverage Titans

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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Welcome to our exploration of Mexico City’s burgeoning food and beverage industry. This bustling metropolis, known for its rich culinary culture, is fast becoming a hub of entrepreneurial activity in this space. Merging taste with technology, a myriad of start-ups are creating innovative and sustainable solutions within this industry; from direct-to-consumer business models, to initiatives combating food waste. Let’s dip our toes into the flavorful world of these companies, each one adding a unique twist to the food and beverage sector, and savor the spirit of innovation coursing through Mexico City’s alleys.

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, has become a hotspot for businesses operating in the consumer goods, delivery, e-commerce, grocery, and food and beverage industries; with a boom in the rise of health food subscription services, online grocery and food delivery services, pet wellness brands and more. These companies are all distinguished by their inventive approach in integrating technology into the food and beverage space, with a distinct emphasis on sustainability, consumer convenience and health conscious options.

Join us as we take a tour of this dynamic and vibrant landscape, shedding light on the companies who are not only making waves in the sector but are also helping shape its future. From the newest players in the industry to well-established titans, these companies all share a common thread – a drive to disrupt and redefine the parameters of the food and beverage industry in Mexico City.


Founded by Ricardo Martinez Finger and Ricardo Weder, Jüsto is an online-only grocery store chain offering a range of products, from fruits and vegetables to beauty products and house supplies. The company, launched in 2019, has ushered in a new era of convenience in grocery shopping, delivering goods right to the consumer’s doorstep. Learn more about them on their respective Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages.


Perfekto, founded by Anahí Sosa Padilla, and Jan Heinvirta, tackles the issue of food waste head-on by delivering imperfect produce that would otherwise be discarded. Through their subscription boxes, Perfekto introduces consumers to the flavors and nutritional benefits of fruits and veggies that may not meet the conventional standard of beauty, but are just as tasty and nutritious. Discover more about Perfekto on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


MerKomuna is a digital platform that leverages the fragmented network of shopkeepers in LATAM to offer group discounts to low-income families on their daily consumer goods. Experience this unique service through their digital platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.


Established by Diego Ballesteros and Evaristo Babé, SinDelantal.Mx is a website that redefines convenience for food orders. Offering a selection of restaurants with promotions and discounts, the platform aims to make ordering food online straightforward and enjoyable. Check out SinDelantal’s Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages for more.

Come Bien

Come Bien, founded by Denis Cantú, Evandro Cantú and Daniel Cotic, is a food-tech startup that delivers customized health food subscription services. Not only do they cater to businesses and individuals, but assure 100% healthy and delicious meals as well. Discover more about Come Bien on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


Lea&Bo is a dog wellness brand that offers an all-natural, vet-developed, subscription service, providing personalized plans for pets. Founded by Elena Bakholdina, Emilio Echevarría, Rafael Martinez Frausto and Raziel Rocha, Lea&Bo focuses on providing dogs with nutritional benefits through natural ingredients. Learn more about them on their respective Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Kigüi has created an app that rewards consumers for buying products closer to expiration, addressing the pressing issue of food waste and affordability of food products. Delve into Kigui’s initiatives through their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


Manufacturing natural sweeteners from xylitol using environmental friendly processes, Xilinat is all about healthy and delicious alternatives to sugar. The company, founded by Javier Larragoiti, Isabella Fernández Klimek and Lorena Pedraza, seeks to reduce health problems associated with excessive sugar consumption. Connect with Xilinat on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Hitter Brands

Maximizing kitchen revenue with the creation of virtual brands, founders Felipe Rojas and Juan Manuel Palau’s Hitter Brands is a culinary innovation. The company integrates brands into different kitchen’s unused capacities, making sunk costs profitable. Explore Hitter Brands through their Linkedin page.


Foodin offers a balanced, chef cooked meal subscription, making healthy eating easily accessible and hassle-free. Their chef-curated meals are sure to leave a lasting impression. Check them out on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Grupo Gepp

Grupo Gepp is a leading beverage company in Mexico with nationwide operations in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. They produce, sell, and distribute a variety of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, as well as water jugs, making them a notable player in Mexico’s beverage sector.

Each of these distinctive companies serve as inspirational testament to the vast potential in Mexico City’s food and beverage industry. As we continue to watch this exciting industry evolve, we look forward to tracking the growth of these companies and witnessing the delicious innovation sure to come.

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